The Inner Loop : Your Hub To Learn Social Media Marketing With The Right Mindset, Full Authenticity and Deep Creativity.

Do you want your business to help you live the life you want?

Can you feel you could go further with your business but you’re not sure how?

If you don’t believe in yourself, who can believe you?

Do you have a dream?

This unique opportunity is for you if…

  • You’re a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Personal Brand who wants to share a message with the world but nobody seems listening.
  • You’ve been working hard building content explaining how your service or product is but you can’t seem to get the sales and the recognition you deserve.
  • You want to build a raving community and grow a loyal community with Facebook or Instagram and get more exposure, but something is holding you back…you’re shy, scared, not sure how to proceed, not sure on the next step, or you don’t want to waste any time doing the wrong actions.
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the changes each platform is going through right now – and everybody is talking about the changes- and all you want is to know the exact strategy and steps that will help you build your community and business organically with social media as well as with advertising.


The Inner Loop (4)Time, money…and mindset

Yes, it takes time and money…but it first take the right mindset.

You know that you can’t grow if you don’t learn more about how to use the Internet.

When you’re crystal clear on your social media marketing goals, you can:

  • craft the right message to the right audience
  • claim your voice in the online world
  • dedicate the right amount of time to your online marketing efforts
  • attract clients with ease online
  • build a loyal community with meaningful interactions
  • get noticed by influencers and potential partners
  • win media coverage for your company
  • promote your services and products as the best of the best

Your host

Angélique Binet is originally a French and Canadian journalist. She got her diplomas from La Sorbonne University in Paris (France) and from University of King’s College in Halifax (Canada). She’s currently a social media consultant for small businesses and organizations, she teaches social media tutorials on YouTube and he’s a  full-time media strategist for a public administration.

Everyday I help big and small organizations, small businesses, and individuals to get the confidence they need to share their message with the world by using technologies.

You have to invest time and money to grow and get the visibility you’ve been chasing for all these years. Don’t we all dream of more time, more money, more flexibility in our lives?

Keep going, get closer to your dream and start now.

The Inner LOOP (6)

My Offer To You

When you access to my private group The Inner Loop With Social Media Love you’ll get access to this AWESOME SAUCE:

  • every week you access to me:
    • week #1 and #3 of every month, you’ll get a class about a SPECIFIC topic + Q&A
    • week #2 and #4 every month, you’ll get access to the Collective Heart where one of the participants gets on the HOT SPOT, which means you show up  with me online and we help you solve the challenges you’re encountering that week with your social media marketing by providing feedback, ideas and tips.
  • every day I respond to your questions 
    • I give you feedback about your post
    • I give you feedback about your tactics
    • I give you feedback about your copy
    • I give you feedback about your creative design
    • I give you feedback about your strategy
  • month after month, I’ll walk you through all the steps of
    • building a Facebook page or an Instagram account set up for success
    • optimizing a Facebook page and Instagram account
    • identifying who your audience should be
    • streamlining social media with your overall marketing ecosystem
    • using Facebook and Instagram advertising
    • measuring your progress on social media
    • creating social media content
    • building a loyal community
    • playing the rules of Facebook and Instagram
    • and…yes, I’ll be teaching about Messenger when you’re ready
  • I share with you all I learn from the best marketers I’m in touch with on a regular basis
  • I show you everything like if you were sitting by me with full honesty, friendship and creativity
  • and…most important, I’ll help you strengthen your tiger mindset

What it means for you

Imagine one moment…

  • Getting twice the number of people SUPER interested in buying your product and services in a few clicks. 
  • D︎oubling the number of people who visits your website by setting up the right process on Facebook and getting support from the other social media platforms. 
  • C︎reating sustainable advertising campaigns and make more money online without wasting your time or cash. 

And it will feel like this…

  • Finally you’ll feel  more in control with Facebook and social media
  • You’ll feel surrounded and supported by a community of people like you, working hard on their passion and building a legacy for their family and their community.
  • You’ll reach a point when you feel more comfortable financially and start seing an opportunity to take care of things that matter for you such as more family time or more time for yourself.
  • Finally, you’ll feel more confident…to grow your business because you know there is a way to make money online. 


  • When you register for a membership, you’ll get a free one-on-one session consulting session with me. 

A choice for yourself

NOW, if this is for you, beyond your membership, you need to commit that you’ll do everything you can to crush it by attending each session or listening to the replay as well as participating to the group’s discussions as often as you can. All together, we can build that safe community where we help each other to grow and grow and grow… sky’s the limit.

The Inner Loop sessions (courses + Hot Spots) will take place every Wednesday at 12PM (Atlantic Time) 4 times a month. All week long, you’ll get access to me and I will be following up with you in the group multiple times a week.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

DM me right here:

And yes! You can cancel your membership at any time with a one month notice.

The Inner Loop $127 + taxes