Your breath plays a major role in your business. 

Faryl Moore is an Energy Wellness Practitioner helping bring clients into balance and wellness using Energetic Alignment and Customized Energy Coaching. She is a student of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Basic Pranic Healing®, Advanced Pranic Healing® & Pranic Psychotherapy® and a dedicated practitioner of Master Choa’s Arhatic Yoga®. She is also a 20 year veteran Master Teacher of Reiki in Usui Tradition.

Through Customized Pranic Healing sessions and Meditation on Twin Hearts with a focus on Chakras, Cord Cutting, and Crystals, Faryl will help you learn about energetic hygiene, its function in your life, and the importance of maintaining proper energetic balance in order to reach your highest potential.

learn more about her masterclass here: https://pranamama.as.me/EnergyofTrauma

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Angelique  0:00  

A time and a space for a woman entrepreneur to share what happened before the business. And how did that make make it happen? Usually it’s a dream or something that is a kind of filling up a gap, something happened something what most of the time it’s external to our, our life. But we come up with a solution and becomes amazing. It’s a business. And not only we generate wealth with it, but we help others to turn their life around. So the first question I have for you, number one, before we deep dive is what are you doing? pranayama? Who are you? Who are you serving in that world?


Pranamama  0:41  

So right now I am serving basically women, entrepreneurs, mamas, any woman who’s really looking to uplevel her life, so that those are the people who have found me who have come to me and who I am currently working with to help thrive, I use a combination of coaching and product healing, to help remove emotional and physical blocks. So for those of you who just don’t know what chronic healing is, let me give you a quick snippet of what that is. So product healing corrects the imbalances in our system, or our energy fields, depending on what you connect most with, right? And it basically is a three step process, right? It’s first we clean, then we energize, and then we stabilize. And what we’re doing is we’re just getting rid of the negative or diseased energy and the cysts in our systems. That Yeah, that’s kind of healing. I love


Angelique  1:37  

how you chuck it in a way that is super simple, but your thing, but what I can say from the other end, because I am one of your students, part of the master class we belong to. And it’s just amazing. The work you do for us in that master class is so healing right. So I thank you for sharing how you do it in three steps like I love. intangible, right, that’s a part like how do you? How do you get, like 10? Jubilee? How do you describe that, but I love how you explained it. So how did you, you know, when you were a little girl between five and 10? Maybe what was the thing that you would play with? Or what’s a common let’s play with this? Or let’s do this, like, what was your thing that you think shaped who you became.


Pranamama  2:29  

So that’s really interesting, because I was the oldest of four. I was also the only girl in five generations on one side of my family. So I was surrounded by boys. So I really didn’t know what to do or who what to play with. I used to go outside and like, see energy, see play with the trees and feel like, I would be like coming in? Or do you feel this. And of course everybody was like, but like I would love I felt, I felt the grass under my feet, and the sand under my feet, they felt different to me than it did to other people. So then I you know, you’d be pulled back to play with toys like other people did. And I feel good to me. Right? So it doesn’t feel right to do these things. But then I bring the toys outside. And we would do things outside. And I was like, Oh, this is better. Interesting. In the grass near the trees or near the ocean. So that’s kind of what I did as a child. But I was also able to see that there was energy moving around all of these things that nobody else could see. Or feel. It was really a feel not a thing. And I just kind of kept it to myself. Because when I started talking about it, people would say, What are you talking about? And so I just sort of kept it to myself. I was like, Okay, I won’t talk about that anymore.


Angelique  4:09  

Oh, that’s interesting. So how did you have to keep that that in you? And then when did you choose to open up about it? What happened?


Pranamama  4:20  

So, I mean, I, I always talked about it, like in different ways. So what would happen is, as I grew older, and I started, I always hung out with adults, I always prefer to hang out with the adults and not the children. Because the children would tease me, whereas the adults would at least want to understand what I was trying to talk about. Like they felt like I had some kind of knowledge. So I hung out with adults. Um, but then I would say just after college, I sought out teachers, I sought out people who would help me out Understand what was going on. And I started like in college, I did a world religions class to try to see if I could understand it from that perspective. And then I started looking looking outside of that I started practicing playing with tarot cards, I looked into Native American religions and earth religions to try to understand what was I feeling. Then I found Reiki. And I did Reiki for Well, I guess technically, I’m still a Reiki Master, but I just don’t practice. That’s not my my main modality of practice. But I found Reiki in about 1998. When went through all the certifications as fast as I could, and did that, on the side for people, you know, just whenever I felt called, got very into crystals for a very long time, I still, you know, I played with them the whole time, I love crystals. And then I found pranic, healing and everything, just there was just a huge shift for me when I found pranic healing. And then at the same time, I found Tracy lit, and my mindset shifted, and it became a whole different world for me, tell us


Angelique  6:09  

more about what you call pranic for people who are not familiar with that term.


Pranamama  6:13  

So prana is energy. It’s the same thing as so the key and Reiki, the CI, when people talk about the CI, it’s just energy and prana. main sources of prana are the sun, the earth, and the air. Those are the main sources of prana. And the reason I was so attracted to trees is because it’s actually the embodiment of all three, right? Because the tree roots into the ground. It is the exchange of air, right, it gives us what we need, and we give it what it needs. And then it requires the sun to grow. Yeah, the tree is the is the actual natural embodiment of prana. So, um, that’s what I discovered as I went through my journey with product. Okay, so


Angelique  7:04  

you discovered all of this, and it’s like many years, right? And then turn that into a business before even thinking business, you know, when you realize that you had this in you that you could actually expand that, beyond yourself? What was your most burning desire before even starting your business?


Pranamama  7:28  

So first I played with, with, like, I would, I would put my hands on my mom. And I would say, Can you feel that my husband, my kids, even before my husband and kids, though, I was, you know, going to Reiki circles, which were beautiful things where you could be in a circle of people and everybody gave Reiki to the person next to them. It was like, you know, like a massage circle. But it was Reiki instead. So that was my first true just like enjoying it. And then what happened was friends of mine, were starting to reach out and say, Hey, can you help me with this? And I would say, Sure. And I would just do it with didn’t really think of it as a business or even about charging anything. And then as it kind of spread, I realized that there’s an energetic exchange that happens with business. And this is a piece where when people have a hard time charging money for things, we have to think about the energetic exchange that has to happen, for people to truly engage in what’s happening with them. So in order for the healing to be complete, on a larger scale, there needs to be an energetic, you’re going to give me something, I’m going to give you something. Okay, now, the amounts aren’t as important until you get to a point with business, right? Where you’re starting to scale your business and figure out your monies and things but even with friends and family, they need to be able to exchange monetarily. Okay? So it’s important to think about those things. It’s also important to recognize that it’s still your time your energy is expelled when you do healing. This isn’t something that just happens. And so you need to be able to receive and give so there’s a saying that you live somewhere between the inhale and the exhale. Well, Master Choa Kok Tsui, who is the modern founder of prana healing will say this. If you always exhale which is giving, giving, giving, giving in your business or in your life, and you’re never receiving, which is the inhale and you think about that from a breath perspective, if you keep exhaling and you don’t inhale, you will eventually die. Oh my gosh. I mean, like, you’re trying to breathe and you can’t breathe in, you’re eventually going to die. Well, it’s the same thing with business, your business is going to fail. If you’re only giving and you’re not receiving. So it’s so it’s such an important energetic exchange.


Angelique  10:21  

Yeah. Oh, I love this. I’ve never seen it that way. Oh, yeah, yeah.


Unknown Speaker  10:28  



Angelique  10:29  

So what would you say to all of us when we have faces where we don’t sell anything? And we get frustrated? So what is it? Is it energy?


Pranamama  10:40  

So there’s a couple things right. And this is actually a really great way to explain the idea of the masterclass that I actually have coming up. But in general, what it usually is, is there’s a block, and blocks can happen for a variety of reasons, one, and not the least of which can be trauma. And I say that because people when they hear the word trauma, two things happen. One, they’re either triggered, right? Because they go trauma, which makes perfect sense. And if that happens, that’s happening to you right now. Just put your hand on your heart and breathe. Okay. Now, if that’s not what’s happening to you, and you’re going, why is everybody talking about trauma? I don’t have any trauma on there, I haven’t been traumatized. Here’s what I’m going to tell you. Everybody has trauma. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been traumatized. But that doesn’t. If you’ve had a surgery in your life, you have had trauma. Okay? Right. That’s physical trauma that’s happened to your body. Like, ladies, if you’ve had a C section, hello, I’ve had a C section, your body has experienced trauma. Now, it’s not necessarily self inflicted, or somebody do something negative to you. But your body has experienced trauma surgery in your life. Okay. So there’s that, it’s super important to remember that this is what happened. So, I will guarantee that there are very few people on the planet that have not experienced a trauma of some kind. Okay. Anytime you have stitches, anytime you have a serious wound, that’s physical stuff. If you had a terrible had pneumonia, right? It scarred your lungs. That’s trauma to your lungs. I mean that so Okay, so just to normalize trauma for a minute. So what happens is, if you don’t remove the energetic congestion that is around those areas in your system, it’s it’s there, and it builds up and it builds up and it builds up, and it does one of two things. One, it causes an energetic block to your system so that the energy doesn’t flow three leases, you can’t do all the fabulous things that you want to do. Or to a creates fear in your system where your system not your mind, but your system is in fight or flight all the time.


Unknown Speaker  13:13  

And if you don’t, then how could you possibly let anything amazing come in?


Pranamama  13:21  

Because you’re constantly going, wait for the next thing. What’s the next shoe that’s gonna drop? I really want this but energetically, I’m like this. We need you to be energetically like during being everything you want. Yes, dream big. It’s really that simple. And it’s just, there are certain chakras that you can clean out and clear out, make sure there’s no negative attachments, and good, you’ll be aligned. I mean, some people need mindset work to I’m not gonna say this is the only thing you need. It should be in conjunction with making sure your mind is in the right place. Right. That’s the beautiful thing about the work that I do. I will never tell you this is the only thing you should do. Ever, ever. Whether it’s a physical issue, or or an emotional mindset issue doesn’t matter. With healing, you should always be coupling, at least energetic healing with mindset work with a therapist, if that’s what you need, with a regular doctor, for example, with cancer. When I work with cancer patients, I’m never going to tell them to not go to their doctor. But I am going to tell them that if they do work with me, I’m going to help get rid of some of that negative energy that surrounds the problem and help heal them faster. Not Alone in conjunction with a very important


Angelique  14:51  

Wow, okay, so I love it because the question was like, what was your burning desire before you even started and then So it’s because everybody got attracted to you. And then you opened up so much, so much to you. Yeah. So how did what was the biggest struggle for you at the time to make it happen as a business?


Pranamama  15:15  

Because I probably like a lot of your listeners. That wasn’t my trajectory. Like my, my family, I suppose. had me set on a course of you’re going to be a business person. And then I was like, Okay. And I saw I went education, because I love to teach. in a million years, I never thought I would be teaching this, which I loved. Like, I just, you know. So for me, it’s like, okay, when education. So I went to school for a master’s degree in education, I was a teacher for a long time, then I was an assistant principal, I’ve worked in higher education. And for a long time, this was what I did on the side. This was like my balancing act. Right? So I would work nine to five, and I’d heal people for a few hours in the evening and on the weekends. And, you know, okay. So my struggle was, how do I do this all the time. And that struggle was for the last three years or so has been incredibly difficult. Because the more and more I did with energy work, the more and more energy work I wanted to do. But I was like, but I’m a Brahmin educator. But But um, but but how do I do this in a non structured environment? Is how I’ll put that, right, because I was working at a higher education institution, and I was I wasn’t unhappy with my job. But I was happier doing healing work. And it was like, let me tell you what happened, ladies and gentlemen, because I’m sure there are some whatever you want want to you that was a Tracy lit my coach’s statement. And you can manifest anything you want, if you truly put it out there that way. And I apparently was asking for it in a number of different ways, subconsciously, and a couple of ways consciously and apparent I manifested my own layoff. Well, I mean, a whole bunch of people got laid off. It wasn’t just me. But I literally three days before had said to myself, how am I going to be able to do this healing work and still have money coming in? I was I was sitting on my floor cleaning out my closet. And three days later, with, I had no idea what I mean, I literally had no idea I was getting laid off. There was no indicate and I wasn’t looking to get laid off. And then all of a sudden happened. And it was like, Did I just manifest that? And it was, it was really like, yeah, I made this happen. I was ready.


Angelique  18:34  

colo it. And that’s very recent. Right? Panama? Oh, yeah. I’m so happy to have been there when it happened. Because I was something it’s like, Oh, my


Pranamama  18:46  

God. Yeah. As I went, I think I want to did a Facebook Live. I was like, this is happening right now. But, and everything has and everything falls into place right after that. But you really have to just remember who you are and what you what is made for you, and what is your goal? Because I think we get caught up sometimes and what we’re supposed to do the shoulds instead of the what will actually make me feel good right now, what will actually make me happy. And so for those of you who are stuck with your businesses and trying to figure out what to do, you got to just go for it. And listen, I have a family of three kids in my house right now once in college. So this isn’t like, I’m not asking anybody or telling anybody to throw caution to the wind and don’t worry about your bills. Don’t it’s not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is take conscious steps to make your dream come true. Yet write it in your journal. Think about it every day. take baby steps. towards that goal, because otherwise, you are literally going to stay right where you are.


Angelique  20:09  

You don’t have to jump. I love it. I love it. I love this. Thank you for sharing this prana Mama. So now you’re there. It’s accomplished. It’s your full time business. So what do you want to accomplish?


Pranamama  20:25  

Oh, so Well, right now I’m in a certificate. I’m in two certification programs right now. One is the next level of chronic healing, but the other one is a certified mind magic practitioner. And so my goal right now is to take my healing work and actually bring in the mindset Pete a certified mind magician, which is the mindset piece together into this 12 week program. And be able to share that with everybody that will have the energetic side of it, so that you don’t have to go to two different people, right, so that you can just come to somebody like me, and have it all in one beautiful package. But right away, I’m going to be doing this masterclass on September 28, at 1:30pm eastern time, it will be recorded for those people who are not available at that time. Because, you know, unfortunately, some of you are all over the place. And it’s called the energy of trauma. And basically, what we’re going to talk about is how you without somebody like me, can work on, first of all, understanding the energy of trauma, and then some things that you can do to get yourself out of your own way, 90 minutes. And then if you want more information, of course, there’s always another way to get in touch with me to work with me. But the most important thing to understand is we’re going to talk about that tract and energy and how it gets there and how we get out of it. So, and of course every time I do a class, there’s always a little healing in there. So


Angelique  21:57  

yeah, and I love your healings. I have to register. I’m not registered, but okay, the link for Instagram. Send me a DM or send a DM to Panama for the link and on YouTube on YouTube, Facebook and the podcast and LinkedIn. It’s right there. I’m below the video. And I’ll put it in the description after from mmr.s.me slash energy of trauma. If you can find the link just DMS. Okay, we will link


Unknown Speaker  22:29  



Angelique  22:30  

So all this? And then what did you so I liked that question a lot. Because you have all that experience going from being the kid who feels different feels connected differently? And then Okay, doing that on the side, then how can I do more of it, and get laid off from the job, and now living the dream, basically. So watch something you thought was true. That was proven wrong to you through all that journey?


Pranamama  23:05  

Oh, that I would never have any clients. I mean, I remember I will tell you that I put out two or three programs over the course of the first couple of years. I had one program nobody ever signed up for. And so I just you know, okay, I had two programs that each had one client. The first time I had one client, I actually canceled the program and said, Oh, would you rather me just give you some sessions of healing. That was fear. I absolutely could have just run the program with her. But at that point in my journey, I was terrified. I couldn’t believe it. I was embarrassed. I was all kinds of shame and fear. Which was fine. The second time I had one person, I ran my program, just as it was, she had the best experience. She told everybody about it. So the next time I ran the program, I had 10 people, which was actually my number like that was sold out for me. Because when I do all the energy work, I have to remember my own energy. So depending on the type of program depends on how many people I want. Right? Now I The more I practice, the larger the programs are, this was already two years ago. Now I can have programs that are larger, because I’ve learned how to manage my own energy. Right. So everything is a learning process. And it’s okay to fail forward. And those are things that I learned that were so important because I could have just stopped right there and just never had a business. Had I not kept going there would be no more wellness, no product mama No, not doing any of this work. And now I don’t know how to not do this work. Right? When I’m in when I’m with a group of people and I see them struggling. I will Say, would you like me to help you with that? And I now just start working. It’s like, you just do it. It just is you. And so that’s where I am now.


Angelique  25:15  

So I know it’s been very fresh that you full time in what you love to do. But did you notice already the first big payoff for you whether it’s financial or something else? Like he said, Oh, that’s it?


Pranamama  25:27  

Yes. So I have had two, yeah, two clients now, that one is brand new to me. Right. The other one is actually a fellow healer does the same work that I do. But he’s in a different location, he has reached out to me and has me on a retainer to be his healer, so he can keep his energy up. So now I’m on a retainer with him, something I never thought would be the case. And then I have another client, who not only wants to pay me for sessions, but also wants to be able to text in between and which I usually do with my packages, but he wants a whole nother level. So another retainer client. And this was not even something that I envisioned to being part of my business. And I’m thinking, Okay, if I if people want me to be on retainer, you know, as long once I I’ll only be able to do that with a couple people. But, okay, that works for me, because that’s a whole different type of private coaching. And healing. I never thought I would do. Yeah, I figured it would be okay, session after session after session, and then you know, groups on retainer. Fantastic. Great. Let’s do this. for it. So, so


Angelique  26:43  

tell us more? What are your biggest fears as a woman in business? Can you share maybe one or two of them with the people who are going to be replaying the video? Or the podcast?


Pranamama  26:56  

Well, I think the first recurring fear is always, what am I going to do about my family? Am I going to get to the point where my family resents me. And, of course, that’s different for my husband than it would be for my kids. But I, you know, I always want to make sure my time doesn’t get over taken and that I’m away from my children and my husband. That’s my first fear, right? And what I have done is it actually more available now than I was when it was my side hustle. Because the nice thing about being an entrepreneur is you actually get to choose those times. When it’s your full time gig, you don’t have to be like, No, I can’t do this until after five. And I can only do it on the week, like you get to actually make those hours of your day. The second thing is, is this all going to just be a big dream that I’m going to wake up from one day.


Unknown Speaker  27:56  

Is this real? Or is it going to be taken away from me. And here’s the piece that I had to come to terms with to get past that.


Pranamama  28:11  

This is a business that I have to wake up and want to do and and play with every single day. Now, I take days where I don’t play with it all day, like Saturday and Sunday, I just get up but I and I play with whatever’s coming into my head, but I don’t work necessarily. Because those are my family’s hours. Right? Not because it’s any different than any other day when you’re an entrepreneur, but my family’s off at that time. So I try to spend as much time with them as I can. But it’s so important to remember that when you’re entrepreneur versus being at a at a business, you have to create your schedule, you have to be in business, you are the CEO, you are the You are the board, you are the you give yourself the tasks. So this isn’t something you can just kind of do. This has to be everything you do. So the nice thing about that is I now schedule in like I have my list, but in the day I’m like, Oh, this is my creativity time. This is my reading time. Like that’s part of the work that you do now. Right? That’s where you start building and playing and brainstorming. And you know, yes, you do stop and you go and you go for a walk because that’s how you’re, you get your brain working again. So, those things you used to be afraid to do in one space. Don’t be afraid to do in this space to fill up the hours of your day. And then I would say the last part is you know Your mind will always tell you that anytime you try to do something new, your mind is going to say no to you. And it’s going to give you every reason in the world stop doing it, and go backwards. So instead of trying to go for the big thing, first, take the small steps, and stop and breathe. take another step, and stop and breathe. And the reason I say breathe is because most of us don’t breathe correctly anyway. But breathing normalizes your body. Right? And if we normalize along the way, instead of going full force towards something and then trying to normalize your system, you’re basically causing shock to your system. If you go full forward, you’re by body doesn’t have time to catch up. So you just like, create safety for yourself. Bring your system down a minute. Let it just go slowly through the process and talk to your fear. Right when the fear comes up. Just say we’re okay. We’re okay. We can do this. You’re not a dinosaur. The dinosaur is not trying to eat you. Right? Like the sharks not coming. That’s not the that’s not the fear we need right now. If you’re we need right now. It’s just to remind us to take it a step at a time.


Angelique  31:29  

I want to show you something. Sure. Whoo. This is my old part of fears.


Pranamama  31:36  

Oh, I love that spirit sit with you every day on the table.


Angelique  31:39  

So I look at them. I stare them. They’re allowing them like standing apart. Look at us. I


Pranamama  31:47  

love it. I love it. I love it. You have to play with your fear. You just do. Yeah.


Angelique  31:55  

Oh my god, I could spend the night talking with you. But I know. We were not supposed to do that. But okay, so maybe one more question. Sure. What, what is your relationship with social media as a business owner? And as Oh, oh, I think it’s time to breathe. We should do the breathing. It’s not my


Unknown Speaker  32:17  

alarm. Oh,


Angelique  32:56  

I’m so happy. We got to share a breathing exercise during this live.


Unknown Speaker  33:01  

Perfect. It was fabulous.


Angelique  33:05  

So your relationship with social media. So now you’re full time in your business? How do you see social media playing a role for you for your visibility, your authority and reaching out the people you want to attract?


Pranamama  33:18  

Well, I think it’s really important. It’s so interesting that you asked that question because it’s it’s important for people to know that social media is not going anywhere. And so you need to, you need to be able to use social media in your business. What I will say is, for those people who are afraid of social media, pick one outlet first. You don’t have to start off everywhere all at once. Because that’s again, like going full force and shocking your system. Right? So I started playing in Facebook first because that’s where I was already very familiar and very visible. And then I started playing with i G. Right? And then I also started playing in LinkedIn. And then you know, and then and then and then right. And you may decide that you know what, I don’t know if I really want to build a following on YouTube. Okay, then don’t write so there is no right, except to be somewhere and be visible. And then build an audience. I happen to have a couple of groups that I have on Facebook. But like you need to be able to be seen so people can find you because no longer is it just oh let me type this into the search engine on the web and people will find you like that doesn’t exist anymore. That and to be honest. When I find people on social media, it’s because I’m attracted to what I’m seeing either their posts or their videos or what have you. I like their vibe. I catching a connection. Right either with what they’re Saying, visually like, I like memes, because I enjoy the quick hit. I also like videos. But it depends on the time of day for me, right? So first thing in the morning when I’m doing my quick scroll, like if I catch a great meme, I’m like, oh, Who did that? And then I friend, or I, you know, follow or whatever it is. But then there are other times the day where I’m like, I really need motivation from somebody. And so I go, and I find my motivation, people, and I’m like, oh, what did they play today? What they post today? Right? So it’s super important for your business. Now, I will say this. That’s a fear that will come up for you. Can I do a Facebook Live? Can I do an i g live I? Listen, the people who want to watch you will find you, and they’ll watch you. The other people are not watching you. Just because it is out there. The only people who are going to watch you are the people who want. So don’t worry, truly like it may only end up being three people. And that’s okay. Nothing wrong with that. Just start building your, for lack of a better term persona. Be authentic, always be authentic. Because if you’re not who you are, people won’t connect with you.


Angelique  36:25  

Yeah, yeah. And the energy on social media. So how do you? How do you channel energy? Like how do you because you work with energy, and you work? How much does that impact what you see on social media? Like through business owners who are a social presence? Do you do you think sometimes like that, like, feel the energy is either blocked? Or?


Pranamama  36:51  

Yes, yes, is the answer. So it’s really interesting. There are people who I cannot watch on social media. And so I choose to, and that’s not new. If some people do that for like, political stuff. It’s not about that, for me, it’s what is their energy doing? Especially when they’re not authentic, that comes through immediately for me. So if people are not being authentic, then I will generally just move on. One of the things that I think comes through really well on social media is your brand. Right? So just to give you an example, because this is a business podcast, I’m just gonna give this example. So while my logo is nowhere on here, right, this particular kimono has my brand colors in it. Now, you wouldn’t necessarily know that. And actually, with the earrings to this whole thing is like has all my brand colors in it? Now? I didn’t do that necessarily for you, except to bring it up if it came up in conversation, right? I don’t wear every time I do a Facebook Live. But it’s something to consider right is to have a few key pieces or things like sometimes I’ll wear I have a shirt that says chakra balancing, moonbeam loving, you know, like all the things that I am. And I’ll wear that sometimes what you want to wear things that truly represents you. Not? Um, don’t unintentionally make yourself up don’t like, not be you. Right? Now, you’re feeling fabulous. That day? Fabulous. If you’re feeling low energy, make a decision. Maybe I shouldn’t do alive today. Like, think about what you’re bringing to your audience. Because I would tell I would say this, you if you’re not feeling your best self, and you’re not feeling authentic, I would rather see a meme from you, then your video. Now, unless you’re using that video as a way to show and make a point, right, so like I’ve been on I go on Facebook, live crying. And I’ll say, Oh my god, I’m sitting in the middle of my house. Again, I really need somebody to come organize my house, like I have done that full on crying because my point is, I’m not being the best version of myself and I need to uplevel and I’m human just like everybody else. Right? And so sometimes you use it for that purpose that’s being authentic. But if you’re just like, I don’t feel like doing this today, and you don’t want to use that to make a point. Then make it do the means. But if you do want to use it to make a point and show people that you’re human just like they are then do that. Don’t be afraid to cry on faith on live. Don’t be afraid to be a hot mess on live. Just do it for a purpose. Don’t just do it because you’re checking a box.


Angelique  40:01  

Wow. Oh my god so much, so much. Thank you so much so much later. So if you have any question for print on my mind, you know, put them in the comments if you want the link to the master class ask us or look around the video because it’s going to be there on HGTV extra extra. And thank you so much so much. Oh my god, that energy you have. Oh my god, I can just go through the screen. Yay. Thank you


Unknown Speaker  40:34  

for sending hugs throughout the world.


Angelique  40:37  

Yes. Okay. Um, so anything else you want to add before we say goodbye?


Pranamama  40:44  

Just send good love good vibes good energy to you all. And now my thing.


Angelique  40:49  

Namaste. Thank you. You’re welcome. I want to make sure I’m are we and broadcast


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