How to seed your lawn and grow your online community

Growing an online community 🌱 is similar to planting new grass in your yard. You need some organic fertilizer, lots of water and sun ☀️shine, then you add the seeds and make sure they stick to the ground, water again with some ads, sunshine follows, and it grows and grows… more here than there… this is when you need to redefine your targeting and seed again, fertilize again, then give some much love, time and passion to your peeps, nourishing them with the best of the best.

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How To Use Instagram Hashtags For Business

Instagram recently rolled out the ability to follow hashtags which means that instead of a user having to search for an Instagram hashtag and scroll through an endless feed to land on your content, your posts could now show up automatically in the feeds of potential new followers. This new feature makes using hashtags that make sense an even bigger deal, so that the Instagram’s algorithm shows your post to the right people!

In this video, I’m showing you how to use hashtags, which ones, why and how to do it!

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