Hire social media coach for small business

Santa Claus is real my friend! Today, he brings you several Social Media Marketing Private Coaching Packages at 50% OFF.

Who is this for? 
I support emerging women leaders who are ready to earn more, lead more and take their place in the spotlight online.👇

What’s in for you? 
– more exposure
– more clients
– more money
-more confidence


How do we do this? 
I help you develop: 

  1. a comprehensive social media marketing strategy customized for your business’s mission.
  2. a detailed social media tactical plan that supports each identified business goal with specific targets.
  3. a monthly social media content calendar that helps you showing up online every single day incl. learning how to optimize your choice of photos/videos and copywriting skills.
  4. a pool of specific audiences that I create with you based on the ideal clients you’re looking for, whether it’s local or international markets.
  5. a step-by-step how-to use online videos for social media marketing purposes.
  6. a hand and a shoulder to rely on every day: you work directly with me via messages, phone, email as well as during coaching sessions that keeps you on track even when life gets in the way. 


BONUS 1 – I create and implement your social media advertising plan in order to grow online engagement (comments, likes, shares), video views, brand awareness and new traffic to your website/blog. [Value: $750/month]

BONUS 2 – You get full access to The Inner Loop VIP Program: through small group mentorship programs, I help you master trading social media platform every week. [Value: $127/month]

BONUS 3– I provide you with my favourite essential oil that you can use in your diffuser when working long hours at your desk or in your store. [Value: $40]

Your choice :

📍6-Month Social Media Marketing Private Coaching
Regular Price: $7000 | Now up until December 21: $3500

📍3-Month Social Media Marketing Private Coaching
Regular Price: $4000 | Now up until December 21: $2000

Contact me if you want to learn more: m.me/socialmedialoveab I would love to get on a call with you or chat.

This offer expires Dec. 21.

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Do you offer special offers for Christmas?

I’m gonna be super honest with you my LinkedIn fellows!

🎤I always thought that discounting the price of my social media marketing services would mean decreasing the perception of the value of my services. [Am I the only one???]

But this year, I’ve been questioning my way of thinking…


I’ve taken the time to reflect on how I – as a customer- I react in front of a deal. 🛍

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Who’s your ideal client?

“Wow I don’t enjoy being put-on-the-spot, but it was a great result for me mentally to find out who my ideal client is. Thank you Angélique”
If you want to feel like my client did when she completed the challenge and if you’re ready to finally figure out who you’re talking to on social media, embark now.
We have 5 days left before the end of our challenge. It’s not too late. All participants that finish the challenge, get a free 45-min consultation with me. 

Join our Facebook group and I’ll get you access to the challenge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/socialmedialovegroup/ 

5 MORE DAYS (1).png

I find this is the hardest part of business: figuring out who to sell for… instead of trying to sell products and services to everybody. Knowing your ideal client will help you craft better posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as optimize the targeting audiences of your social media ads.
So I will list all the questions here so that it’s easier for you to find the post for the day.
And remember, for anybody who goes through the challenge every single 25 days, you get a 45-min FREE social media marketing consultation with me.

Do you ever doubt yourself?

Do you ever doubt yourself?
It is oh-so-human for us to doubt ourselves from time to time.
And as business owners, especially, we can be given to perfectionism that becomes the vicious enemy of our own good work.
With that said, I believe in my intuitive approach to social media coaching and game changer for those who want to turn their worlds around.
And I know I’m doing alright when I hear things like this from clients after a live coaching webinar:
“Wow I don’t enjoy being put-on-the-spot, but it was a great result for me mentally to find out who my ideal client is. Thank you Angélique”