Like In The Desert: The Entrepreneurship Journey

If you’ve been to the desert, you know how it feels : packed and empty at the same time. Packed because there is so much of nothing or of the same thing for ages of kms. Empty because you really feel you are ONE in this whole thing. It terms of emotions, it can translate into fear or insecurity and on the other side it feels like peace inside your body and full awareness of time and space philosophical concepts.  Continue reading

7 Ways To Using Customer Testimonials In Your Content Marketing

7 Ways To Using Customer Testimonials In Your Content

TIP📍 – What do people tell about you when you’ve helped them with your skills and knowledge?

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This is key. 🗝 You have to take notes of these testimonials. They are your gold. Not only this will help you to get the confidence you need to show your expertise to more people online👩🏽‍💻, but it will also provide with the exact thing that your next client may wonder about.  Does this make sense to you? Continue reading