Like In The Desert: The Entrepreneurship Journey

If you’ve been to the desert, you know how it feels : packed and empty at the same time. Packed because there is so much of nothing or of the same thing for ages of kms. Empty because you really feel you are ONE in this whole thing. It terms of emotions, it can translate into fear or insecurity and on the other side it feels like peace inside your body and full awareness of time and space philosophical concepts. 

Then after hours of walking or cameling you see the unexpected: this oasis that still seems far away, or this monastery or temple hooked to a mountain somewhere at the very end of what seems to be the end of the desert (but is not).

This is when your trip takes another turn. You suddenly have a purpose, a goal, you need to reach those places and connect what seems to be a place where you can talk with other humans (because you’re still social even though this YOU time in the desert has been so cathartic, uplifting and ideas generating). The idea of connecting the new YOU with new people gets you excited and keeps you moving forward ready to serve your new purpose.

This is exactly how I feel as an entrepreneur. With time, I’m better at not panicking any more when I feel that anything I do, say or give to my audience seems to be working. It feels that I don’t serve them with the right services, that I don’t know how to sell myself, and express the real benefits my audience can get from working with me -whether it’s paid or free services. Price doesn’t make a difference sometimes.

So I allow myself to cross the desert multiple times a year in my head and my heart…and BOOM new ideas come up quite like the scenery of an oasis in the middle of the desert. And I go after it, test it, set up a new plan…and keep going. Because I really firmly believe in what these 6-figure revenue entrepreneurs keep saying to us: never give up!

Does this sounds like you? I would love to hear from you in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “Like In The Desert: The Entrepreneurship Journey

  1. M MacKenzie says:

    Commenting 🙂 Sometimes I wonder just what exactly people want to hear. I’ve got lots of “drafts” sitting waiting to be completed or trashed. I suspect it’s the same for most bloggers.

    • Angélique Binet says:

      Great comment! My biggest advice would be : put it out there. If you have something to say, say it and it will for sure resonate with some people. Of course, there is some tactics behind it that you can apply, but I would use your voice because – why not!?

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