From virtual to real…

There’s nothing so rewarding as seeing members of your online tribe once in a while in person – this made my day!

Here I am with Tammy Ward of TLW YOGA [Make sure to check her classes if you live in the Fredericton area of New Brunswick] 🧘‍♀️ 
And I can honestly say, I am bursting with pride. 

I know how much personal motivation and hard work goes into achieving what sometimes seems hard and impossible as entrepreneurs, and to think I help my students to get closer to their dreams, is nothing short of thrilling.

I hope that piques your interest into what I do…and if you need a social media coach it would honestly be my everything to get to work with you! Continue reading

Facebook is dead, really?!

How many times have you heard that you’ll never reach your social media goals with Facebook or Instagram unless you have tons of money and time?

Well I have good news: I’m here to tell you I believe social media success isn’t just an expensive & fake party, but the real start you want in your relationship with each member of your community. Continue reading