7 Ways To Using Customer Testimonials In Your Content Marketing

7 Ways To Using Customer Testimonials In Your Content

TIP📍 – What do people tell about you when you’ve helped them with your skills and knowledge?

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This is key. 🗝 You have to take notes of these testimonials. They are your gold. Not only this will help you to get the confidence you need to show your expertise to more people online👩🏽‍💻, but it will also provide with the exact thing that your next client may wonder about.  Does this make sense to you?

I usually ask any clients I work with – whether it’s a free or paid job – to send me their testimonials about their experience.

  1. a 1-min video they send me via Dropbox
  2. a Facebook review
  3. a LinkedIn recommendation
  4. a Facebook live on my Facebook page
  5. a Facebook live on my Facebook group
  6. a note that I show on Twitter, Instagram Stories or Snapchat
  7. an image overlay with one quote of the testimonials

BONUS: Make sure you tag your client when you use their testimonials so that they get notified and get some exposure from it.

💕Thanks Elisabeth of the Wild Woman Enchanted for this testimonial.

POTP owes it all to Social Media Love. Could not have grown without your talent! (1).png

Do you have a specific way to collect clients’ testimonials to repurpose them in your content marketing?


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