Photo Shoot Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs

I’m not gonna lie… I make him go crazy at least once a week.
Being the partner of a women entrepreneur can lead to major emotional paroxysms: cry, laugh, loosing it, joy explosion and more…

3-season Photo Shoot Bootcamp

3-season Photo Shoot Bootcamp

He often says that I have to talk slower so that he can follow all my ideas.
But one thing we know as partners is that we love taking photos together.
When I was a video journalist, Corriveau Michel was my best colleague and we loved covering the news together for almost 10 years.
Now we bring our skills & creativity to professional women who want to bring their brand & business a notch higher.
Whether it’s for social media or your website, a single photoshoot helps you double your visibility, attract new clients and stop worrying about what to post everyday by providing content you can use through out the year.
This is why I’m offering a 3-season Photo Shoot Bootcamp if you live in New Brunswick, Canada.

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Check tomorrow for another Holiday Season Offer… that will bring you closer & faster to your destination.

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