Do you offer special offers for Christmas?

I’m gonna be super honest with you my LinkedIn fellows!

đŸŽ€I always thought that discounting the price of my social media marketing services would mean decreasing the perception of the value of my services. [Am I the only one???]

But this year, I’ve been questioning my way of thinking…


I’ve taken the time to reflect on how I – as a customer- I react in front of a deal. 🛍

Back in 2011 when I was unemployed, I remember craving for Brendon Burchard ‘s High-Performance Academy course. It was the EXACT thing I needed to help me but I had not enough money on the credit card.

đŸ€šÂ It was over $4000 dollars at the time. But for Christmas, he offered it for $2000. Did I tell myself : this must be the crappy version of the course???? NOPE…not even thought about it.

💰 And it was the best $2000 invested of my life…right after this, I got a new job and started my own business…all this because I invested in myself at a discounted price.

Putting back my entrepreneur hat now, I’ve decided to do it and go crazy this year! It will be a test for me!

🎁 If you think I could help you make more money online by teaching you skills and tactics you need to master when building your tribe online, contact me here before December 21.

🎄 I think you would love it!

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