Facebook is dead, really?!

How many times have you heard that you’ll never reach your social media goals with Facebook or Instagram unless you have tons of money and time?

Well I have good news: I’m here to tell you I believe social media success isn’t just an expensive & fake party, but the real start you want in your relationship with each member of your community. Continue reading

Do you offer special offers for Christmas?

I’m gonna be super honest with you my LinkedIn fellows!

🎤I always thought that discounting the price of my social media marketing services would mean decreasing the perception of the value of my services. [Am I the only one???]

But this year, I’ve been questioning my way of thinking…


I’ve taken the time to reflect on how I – as a customer- I react in front of a deal. 🛍

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7 Tips: Content Calendar for Social Media Marketing

Need to get your social media calendar organized ahead?

In this tutorial video, I’ll help you create your social media plan with a social media content calendar and you’ll get a content calendar template – see link below. 1,2,3 Let’s get your editorial plan done! Grab you FREE social media content calendar here http://bit.ly/2lOwzQk and join my Free Facebook Group for more social media marketing support right HERE

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Social media influencer : is it for your small business?


I could stop here…but that would not be nice.

First thing first, what is a social media influencer?

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But Angélique… I can’t hire Beyoncé to talk about my products or services. Ahahah! Of course, but there is a way.

Just to get you started

Here are the 5 tips I share more often with my students:

  1. Pick your most loyal customer and check his presence on social media: do they have a blog, or any online community where they could be profiling products and services of yours?  If so, you could offer them their favorite products in exchange of online buzz.
  2. If you have a boutique, get a local blogger with a small but strong community online and invite them to pick all the products they’d like to try and ask them if they could profile the ones they prefer on their online platforms.
  3. If you are a conference organizer, invite a blogger, a personality or an advocate in the field of your conference’s topic to attend the conference. Prior to the conference, they will let the world know that they will be attending your event, then during the conference, they will post live content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.
  4. Try to figure out which social media platforms you want to target and make sure that your local influencer will be active on these networks
  5. Paying or not paying? Based on my experience, both ways work very well. If you’re at low tides right now in your budget, you can give products and services in exchange of social media content on your influencer’s online platforms.


How to approach small influencers?

The thing is that they’re probably looking for content to write about. Reach out to them and explain to them the mutual value of the partnership. Make sure you show them you know their platforms and that you would love to work with them. If you have no budget, they might be open to an exchange: a meal in your restaurant, a free membership at your gym, a free entrance ticket to your event etc.

How to find your local influencers?

  • For this, I like to read newspapers or local magazines. Journalists interview experts in so many fields of expertise.
  • Talk to your customers, they probably know some friends who would love to share stories about what you sell.
  • You can also use social listening tools such as BuzzSumo that lists influencers for you.
  • Or use the Search section of Instagram, Facebook etc. They’re probably closer than you think.

And please make sure to learn more about this topic.

If you’re a small business owner, and you’ve been using influencers, can you share with us your formula to make these partnerships happen.

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3 Steps Content Calendar for Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

Want to get your social media editorial calendar organized and avoir mental health issues? In this video, I’ll help you create your social media plan with a 3-Steps social media content calendar, including my own social calendar template.


GRAB your Social Media Calendar here:  http://bit.ly/2lOwzQk

In this video, I break down what you need to do on a monthly scale to be able to relax a little more on a daily basis with social media marketing.

3 levels of organization

For the sake of sanity and mental health, content calendar keeps you in control on the work you have to do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis – including monitoring, outreaching, measuring your success.

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