Who’s your ideal client?

“Wow I don’t enjoy being put-on-the-spot, but it was a great result for me mentally to find out who my ideal client is. Thank you Angélique”
If you want to feel like my client did when she completed the challenge and if you’re ready to finally figure out who you’re talking to on social media, embark now.
We have 5 days left before the end of our challenge. It’s not too late. All participants that finish the challenge, get a free 45-min consultation with me. 

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I find this is the hardest part of business: figuring out who to sell for… instead of trying to sell products and services to everybody. Knowing your ideal client will help you craft better posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as optimize the targeting audiences of your social media ads.
So I will list all the questions here so that it’s easier for you to find the post for the day.
And remember, for anybody who goes through the challenge every single 25 days, you get a 45-min FREE social media marketing consultation with me.

How to Create Your Ideal Client Profile When You Start Your Business

Knowing your ideal customer makes creating content so much easier because you customize your content for everything your audience is looking for. In this video, I help you figure out how to create an Ideal Client Profile. Once you create a distinct idea of who you’re talking to, then you can target clients on Facebook and Instagram that become your dream customers.  Continue reading

How to Ask Great Customer Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are reviews and recommendations from clients. And they are extremely powerful marketing opportunities for your business because of the credibility they hold. Testimonials are so influential because they’re seen as more reliable and honest. So instead of selling your business yourself, testimonials can let other people do it for you.

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How to seed your lawn and grow your online community

Growing an online community 🌱 is similar to planting new grass in your yard. You need some organic fertilizer, lots of water and sun ☀️shine, then you add the seeds and make sure they stick to the ground, water again with some ads, sunshine follows, and it grows and grows… more here than there… this is when you need to redefine your targeting and seed again, fertilize again, then give some much love, time and passion to your peeps, nourishing them with the best of the best.

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