Are Social Media Ads Worth It?

Would you like to shine like a star in the sky – on social media?

Well, what does it have to do with the title, Angélique?!

Are Social Media Ads Worth It?

Bear with me, friend!

When I looked up to the sky to night, I saw soooo many stars…some were glittering more than others.

This question came to me: I wonder if there is an algorithm among the stars that makes them shine more some nights than others.

I guess I’m digressing…but maybe not.

What if the stars had a goal everyday…to be seen by more people and say hi ti them by glittering faster when we take a minute to interact with them!

Or maybe this is not it…after all, they’re just beautiful stars and they act like stars are supposed to act.

Maybe it’s me. I was looking up. I was looking for something to fill up my cup. And BAM the stars were there…and they filled my heart of joy!

I even told my dog…

Look Liam, the sky is so beautiful tonight! (dummy a little)

But I really meant it.
I really needed to see this today.

It was THE solution to my challenging evening.

I felt a little tired. Needed to recharge so that I could send you this little note. And it did the job.

If the stars had a Facebook page or a TikTok account I would follow them for sure. They’re a solid solution for me.

They show up every day – even when big clouds are covering them – I know they’re here for me and my planet.

Now, are you ready to become the star for your people, for these incredible humans who are looking up to the internet to find their North Star.

Tell me – do you feel empowered by your presence online? Can you feel that this is not a joke? You matter…way more than you think to that quiet person who may never give a thumb up on your posts.

This is the one. The one you help. The one who shows up that day without notice asking to work with you – meaning to buy from you.

Now…if you feel your star is not glittering enough..maybe a little bit of advertising could help you shine again.

5 answers you need to find

In this video, I’m showing you the 5 things you have to decide before running your next ad on social media.


In this video, I’m exploring with you the 5 fundamental questions it requires to answer before you start any Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook ads are not easy but they’re accessible to any women entrepreneur who embraces her marketer hat.

It will require training, practise, mindset and money. But remember: we got spend money to make money.

So here we go! How can you do that in a way that feels good.

I’ve put them in a carousel for you my friend. Take a pen and a note book, start answering them.


Well, maybe you have more questions now. Ask them below.

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Or maybe you’re ready and you want to know NOW how we could work together.

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The episode is called Are Social Media Ads Worth It? Believe me or not but it’s one of the top searches that people do online. I’m addressing 5 of the biggest questions I see women entrepreneurs forget to ask themselves when they start investing in advertising on social media, and Facebook especially.

…and no, the fact that you use the  “boost” button doesn’t mean you should skip using Facebook ads like a pro. Using ads like experts do will HUGELY change your game on social media as an element of building massive audiences year after year – you can hire a  paid media strategist to do it for you but you must learn how ads work on social media. See if you go through the 5 steps when comes the time to build your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. 


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