Why I'm back at Snapchat...

Why I’m back at Snapchat…

Are you wondering if you should be on Snapchat?

You’ve tried Snapchat, then gave up?

I opened my Snapchat account in 2016. It took me a while to understand  how it worked at the time. But then I got to use it mainly to let snapping friends know about my new YouTube tutorials, and hopefully get people to ask me questions by Direct Messages (DM).

My community never got big, mainly friends and colleagues.

Then Instagram Stories came up and I’ve found them a little easier to use. Or I should say it was my excuse to say that these 2 platforms were to similar and I didn’t have the time to do both. So scrap Snapchat!

But you know what? I missed Snapchat’s filters…because they were way nicer, and still are.

Although, these GIFs on Instagram Stories now…are so awesome.

But my point is not here…let’s go back to why I came back to Snapchat this week! Yes, this week. Who cares you gonna tell me. I know it’s not about me, it’s about him.

It’s because of this guy, Gary V. and this book Crushing it! How great entrepreneurs build their business and influence – and how you can, too.

Why I'm back at Snapchat...

7 Things We should Should Know About Snapchat

1- Competition

Much of your competition has surely become too reliant and focused on Instagram, which means those potential eyeballs still on Snapchat are looking for more content to feed them, says Vaynerchuk

2- Discoverability

Because it has no hashtags, no discoverability per say on Snapchat, he says that you can get only discovered for your creative skills, and if you’re good at it.

3- Out of the pack

Whether or not Snapchat can compete over time, it’s a terrific train ground to become a superior marketer and branding expert, not just a conversion-base digital salesperson, he says.

4- White noise

With Instagram Stories, you’re competing with a lot of people. Snapchat has white noise, […] that’s the way to stand out.

5- Personality

He adds that Snapchat is about your personality.

Are you intelligent, are you funny? What are you bringing to the table other than what you’re wearing?

6- Temporality counter effect

Gary V. insists on the fact that Snapchat is so temporary that you have to make sure you have an established presence on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

7- Cross-promotion

Regarding discoverability, he repeats several times the importance of cross-promoting your Snapchat account on Twitter, YouTube, on your website, in your e-mail signature, or even on a T-Shirt!

For all these reasons, and many more that you can find in the book, I decided to document my entrepreneur/full time employee/mum/spouse/dog owner life on Snapchat aiming at connected with people that are either going through the same entrepreneurial journey as me or with potential individuals that may need the content that I produce consistently.

What’s you relationship with Snapchat? Make sure to share it with me in the comments and snap me a message here.



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4 Ways To Make Videos Mobile-Friendly | Facebook & Instagram

Need to create more mobile friendly videos?

Have you used Facebook or Instagram mobile friendly videos?

Well, maybe you wonder what we mean by mobile friendly.

Here are 4 examples of mobile friendly format videos you’ve probably seen before and you’d like to try out.

1- Square videos – aren’t they hip?

Dimensions: 1:1 (1080 x 1080)

You can use them on Facebook and Instagram such as this example.

According to Animoto, Square videos get +28% more views than landscape ones. They also tend to get more shares and likes. One of the explanation could be that they take up to 78% more screen space than the regular size videos.

social media love marketing webmarketing conversion facebook facebook ads power editor infopreneur entrepreneur digital marketing angélique binet


2- Vertical/Portrait videos –  different angle, right?

Dimensions: 2:3 (1080 x 1280)

You can use them on Facebook and Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.29.12 PM.png


3- Instagram Stories – they’re super pretty on phone

Dimensions: 9:19 (1920 x 1080)

You can use them on Instagram Stories – the length can very from anywhere between one second and 15 seconds.



Format is one thing, length is another one. Try to mix the length of your videos based on if they’re meant to be an ad or organic posts. So you know, 6-10 sec videos have more chance to be used as an ad-break on Facebook.

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– Angélique

I have nothing to say…on video

When you’re telling me this, I have a feeling that

  • you are scared to go live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTUbe – which I completely understand
  • you are underestimating the power of your knowledge and expertise
  • you think people gonna make fun of you
  • or maybe you’re scared they gonna discover how awesome you are
  • or…

There is no end to the list of excuses we can make in order to avoid stretching ourselves to the next level of our personal and business growth.

makeup (1)

Here’s what I tell my clients when I help them get into Facebook Live or Instagram Live: if you were to help at least ONE person on Earth because of what you know [and they don’t know yet] , how would it feel? When you focus on the help you can provide to that ONE individual, you will be surprised of the response you get. Maybe not on the day of your live video, but a few days later, or at the grocery store 3 weeks later with someone coming to you and say: I loved what you said the other day on Facebook, I now do what you said to do and it changed everything.

Because guess what….no matter where we are in our level of expertise, there are always people further than us and behind us. And you’re here to help the ones behind you and get mentored or trained by he ones in front of you.

It’s called The Line Of Learning. [I’ve just made it up ahahahah]

So go to your Facebook page, Instagram Story and talk about what you can do to help people in your field of interest. Make sure to tag me @socialmedialoveab on Facebook and Instagram. I want to watch you. You can do it! And you will be SO proud.


– Angélique

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How To Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Wondering how Instagram stories work?

Do you want to use Instagram Stories more but you’re not sure how to make it work for your business?

Top 3 Tips Live

In this video I share my Top 3 Tips on how to use Instagram Stories like a Pro with one of my students on Facebook Live, including :

–  how to tag someone or a brand

– how to use geolocation tagging

– how to add hashtags

– and other tips and tricks

My goal is to help you be more visible while profiling in a very creative way your products, services and story with photos and videos that will just erase itself in 24 hours

Who’s in?


Whether you want to use Instagram Stories to get followers or you want to use it instead of Snapchat, this will help your IG account to grow and get more visible.

  • Engagement is important to the new algorithm that determines what people see in their Instagram feed. Because Instagram stories boost engagement with your Instagram posts, they improve your chances of showing up at the top of people’s news feeds. – Sue Zimmerman, Instagram Queen!


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How To Use Instagram Stories for Your Business


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Nouveautés Instagram – ajouter hashtags et lieux dans vos stories

Nouveautés Instagram – ajouter hashtags et lieux dans vos stories – je vous montre 3 astuces pour optimiser vos Instagram Stories à partir de votre application Instagram. The video is subtitled in English.


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Instagram Stories, pourquoi

Si vous utilisez Instagram pour votre marketing, les Stories devraient sont un must! Plus vous les utilisez, plus vous remarquerez que votre compte Instagram aura davantage de visiteurs et d’abonnés.

Mais, tout d’abord, c’est quoi déjà ces « Stories Instagram »? Ce sont des images et des vidéos que tu partages en dehors de ta galerie Instagram. Elles s’ajoutent en faut, dans les cercles qui montrent la photo de ton profil.

Quand tu partages une photo ou une vidéo, elle s’ajoute à ton «histoire» ou Instagram Story et y reste pendant 24 heures. Ensuite, elles disparaissent.

Les stories de lieux

La location story permet aux utilisateurs d’accéder aux stories spécifiques à un lieu, comme une ville, un lieu spécial, etc. La location story de votre ville sera automatiquement disponible dans l’espace réservé aux stories, à coté des vidéos en direct. Sous le champs de recherche, une nouvelle icône portant le nom de votre ville apparaît donc, regroupant les vidéos ou photos des utilisateurs ayant utilisés les stickers de localisation. Pour voir la location story d’une autre ville, tapez le nom de celle-ci dans l’onglet « Explore » (Rechercher), cette fois aussi la story de la ville apparaitra en haut de votre écran. Source: siecledigital.fr

Les stories de hashtags

Comme lors de la recherche de story par lieu, il est maintenant possible de regarder une story via un hashtag. En recherchant par un hashtag, vous accéderez à la story basée sur la thématique que vous avez choisie. Ces stories seront aussi basées sur les photos et vidéos des utilisateurs ayant utilisé les hashtags. Source : TechCrunch


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