Social Media Marketing Overwhelm

What’s your most challenging challenge 🤦‍♀️ with building an empire online?

It seems that overwhelm and solitude are a common entrepreneur syndrome – especially about social media marketing and technology.

I myself hang out with them for some weeks.

If you’re trying to figure out how to find more clients on the Internet, you probably feel it too, right?

Did you know that these 2 buggers are the 2 main activators of what we call QUITTING just before winning?

Guess what?! Nobody gonna quit, today!

I got some karate moves for you that support me when these 2 fellows crawl over me.

Are you with me? Wanna hear about them?

Here’s what I’ve changed in my life.
I stopped ignoring them or fighting them.

I consider them like little alarm signals…to bring back the attention on what matters.

Overwhelm and solitude and I play a game! And it goes like this:

1- I accept them: welcome, I acknowledge them.
2- I listen inside: why do I feel overwhelmed today and why does it feel I’m so alone in this?
3- I go for walks with no thinking expectation (never push myself)
4- I make sure that on that day I post an inspiring quote on all my social platform
5- then I give myself until the end of the day to hear and identify what came up as a why do I feel this way and where do I feel it in my body

BONUS: If nothing, it means I was just tired. That’s it.
most of the time, it already feels better and lighter just playing that little game
sometimes, I learn about something very personal that I need to take care of
often, it brings clarity on what should be my next move in my social media marketing and sales process
always, I go back to my mentors and coaches for on-going growth support whether it’s a class, a podcast or a video and we debrief or I journal.

Now, your turn! How do you overcome overwhelm and solitude as an entrepreneur?

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