Do you wish you could send private messages on social media more often?

Of course, it would be great if we could feel totally fine with this …but most of the time as female entrepreneurs we shy away from introducing ourselves to complete strangers online

I remember, when I first went on stage it was for a piano concert. In Paris. I was 10.

In front of elitist pianists. They were looking at me.

I was shaking like crazy.

In the front row, the judges.

Walking towards this huge piano in the middle of the stage felt like going to the guillotine.

My hands were sweaty. My fingers couldn’t hold properly on the keys…it was a disaster. I butchered Beethoven’s music in front of a lot of people.

My point is that you may feel the same when reaching out to people on your phone. Do I press send or not?

I know the sweat that comes with the act of actually taking action.

Guess what! A Direct Message on Instagram, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn can literally change your life.

The truth is that you won’t know for sure until you try it.

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In this week’s tutorial, I want to give you a FRESH look at how you can re-discover the power of REAL connections on social media. 


And of course, I always equip you with a FREE resource that helps you implement ASAP.

Now coming back to my piano concert, I did go back the following year and butchered another music masterpiece by Jean-Sebastien Bach.

But I didn’t stop. I took over other stages. I became a TV reporter for almost 10 years putting my face in front of thousands of thousand of viewers.

Then I moved on to entrepreneurship where now I show up on Facebook Lives, Clubhouse rooms and other types of speaking engagements.

It all started in PARIS on that scary stage with that enormous shiny black grand piano.

My friend, you’ve got to muscle up your confidence. If you want to learn even more tips on how to write better messages for Instagram, download my free guide 3 SIMPLE PRIVATE MESSAGES IDEAS FOR FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS, where I’ll provide you with several examples of messages you can modify for yourself or use as they are.

This resource is filled with direct messages templates I use often in my business, and these messages help me get connections that I often nourish for a long time.

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