5 Musts To Fully Use Your Instagram App

Why Instagram is different?

Have you compared the number of people who like your posts on your business Facebook page versus the number of people who like your Instagram posts?

If you consistently post on both platforms…you probably noticed that it’s quite easier (…not easy though) to get more traction on Instagram.

Yes…things will change for sure! But for now, let’s stick with this reality.

I’ve said it before (and I’ll probably say it a few times mores), I love Instagram.

Why? Because it’s more intimate…you can really connect one on one with people.

And if you’re like me… and believe that you can build a business one person at a time…then I’m your girl.
Because Instagram is really meant for this.

But there are a few rules to follow.
And this is why I’ve recapped them for you in this video.


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