Buying Subscribers: Is it Good for Your Business?

There are a lot of people out there that have been buying subscribers for their business. But is this really a good idea? In this blog post, we will be discussing if it is worth purchasing subscribers to grow your email list or your social media audiences.

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What is a Subscriber?

A subscriber is someone who has given you their email address or who has subscribed to your social media platforms (Some people still call them fans). You can then use this to send them marketing messages or newsletters related to your business. It’s usually common for these individuals to be interested in receiving information about the products and services that you are selling, so they will open up any emails sent by your company.

However, many people purchase subscribers as a way of making it seem like they have more customers than they actually do… And this is where I want you to demote your ego and focus on your mission, gathering only the right people around your message.

What is a Social Media Subscriber:

A social media subscriber is someone who has followed you on a specific platform. They will see posts from your business and choose to follow it, so they get notifications when new content gets posted. While this can be useful in the short-term for marketing purposes, we’re going to explain why buying subscribers through these platforms isn’t really worth your time…

What is a Email Subscriber

An email subscriber is someone who joins your business’ list of subscribers. They will receive emails from you and be able to click on the links in these messages, which can lead them to purchase products or services that you are selling. If they like what they see, it’s common for customers to become repeat buyers…

Buying Subscribers: Is it Good for Business?

The answer is: yes and no! It all depends on your goals and how they support your sales system. Buying subscribers can make sense when you know what you are doing, but we’ll go over each platform discussed above and explain why purchasing followers isn’t really worth doing if you only do it to look BIG.

How to Use Ads to Ethically Buy Subscribers


You can use Facebook ads to buy followers, but make sure that you are only purchasing subscribers who may be interested in your business. If you’re looking for a way of gaining more exposure and growing your subscriber list through the social media platform, this is something worth testing out…


There are several reasons why Instagram isn’t an ideal place for getting new subscribers. First of all, it’s not easy to purchase these users. In addition, the followers you would buy from a website aren’t going to be any more active than those who follow accounts for free…


Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn Ads is also possible when you target professionals by job title, function, industry, and more.


Do you think it’s worth spending money to purchase subscribers? If not, why do you feel this way? I would love to know. Let me know in the comments.

It seems like most people are against the idea of purchasing subscribers. While there might be one exception that makes sense; for the most part, businesses usually have integrative ways of growing their customer lists through a combination of ads and content marketing!

It is better to buy subscribers who are actually interested in your products and services. Otherwise, it is just numbers. One more tip: if you decide to buy subscribers, make sure you have nurturinh content to send them via ads or emails once they subscribe to you email or to your online channels.


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Angélique Binet is a social media marketing consultant specialized in paid traffic and client acquisition for women entrepreneurs & speakers, founder of Social Media Love, as well as a paid media strategist for the province of New Brunswick (Canada). She was a French newspaper journalist and Canadian TV reporter. Raised on a farm in France, Binet is a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King’s College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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