Check your marketing metrics

This is how I sound like a foul…. I’ve been teaching my students about the importance of checking their numbers online con-sis-tent-ly.

  • Blog analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
  • etc.


Why? If you don’t know your number and you practice online marketing every day, you have no idea of the progress you make in your business. You don’t have benchmarks month after month. Of course, you have to determine the metrics you want to measure first. Pick the ones that are the most meaningful for you and your business. For example: video views, Facebook shares, Instagram Stories link clicks, website visits (key for retargeting ads with the Facebook pixel), etc. There are so many metrics you can check daily and monthly.

Guess what?! I didn’t check my numbers lately on my blog.

Well little I knew…I kinda of ignored the 836 individuals who subscribed to my blog in the last 8 months and I apologize for that.

A year ago I opened my website and a blog because I knew I had to make sure there was a hub from where I could link to my other online platforms. But I didn’t really care about nurturing that hub once all the parameters were set up.

In 2018, I decided that I should be using this piece of online estate to share more of my thoughts, successes and…failures with social media marketing. So, here you go.

Have you been through any similar situations? Tell me in the comments. I would love to see I’m not alone!!! Also, I would love to hear the list of key metrics you check regularly.


– Angélique

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