Courage, connection and meaning on social media

🌸 Courage. Connection. And meaning. As women entrepreneurs, we seem to be always thriving for these values. But how do you convey these on social media?

Especially on days or weeks, we’re also busy taking care of our elder parents, going through a divorce, or taking care of family business.

Often women tell me I don’t go live often on Facebook or Instagram because I’m not camera ready most of the days. I run like a chicken with no head.
What if you decided to show up as it is on that day? What do you think would happen?

I firmly believe that we are people with real lives and our audience is made of people with real lives too. The difference is that YOU are a piece of the SOLUTIONS they’re looking for at the exact time I’m typing these words.

And I know that entrepreneurship can feel lonely. And I know that social media can feel scary. And I know that you are enough.

Will you do you YOUR thing today?

Write that post. Record that video….and post it everywhere you can.
And tell me more about what is your meaningful difference when you work with your favourite clients.

What do they tell you about what you bring to them? 👇 Share in the comments and tag a friend who may need to read this.

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