How can you help a small business owner? Comment pouvez-vous aider une petite entreprise ?

I know businesses are struggling right now, but I want to let you know I’m using my business to HELP people. ⁣

I’m here to ensure you get to show up even more for your audience on social media even if you had to close down for a while! This is why I’ve opened my calendar to save some time with you discussing current strategies you could put in place. You can book here. ⁣

We must support small businesses more than ever right now…and I hope you do too. How can you help a small business owner? ⁣

  1. Give them a shout out on social; ⁣
  2. Refer a friend; ⁣
  3. Buy a gift certificate; ⁣
  4. Write a review/testimonial.⁣

Which small business will you help today? Mention them in the comments below and link to their Facebook or Instagram accounts!⁣

Here we go, in this photo, this is a shout out to The Tipsy Muse Café, in Fredericton, New Brunswick,


Angélique Binet is a social media marketing consultant and coach for women entrepreneurs & speakers, founder of Social Media Love, as well as a paid media strategist for the province of New Brunswick (Canada). She was a French newspaper journalist and Canadian TV reporter. Raised on a farm in France, Binet is a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King’s College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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