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Real estate marketing ideas

If you’re looking for real estate marketing ideas and strategies to attract the right customers to you in times of crisis (e.g. Containment and stay at home measures during the coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19.)

In this video, I present the three steps to follow to build an audience of paying customers in social networks (social media). You will learn how to use organic traffic and paid traffic to acquire new customers and expand your audience on a daily basis, even if your agency is closed at the moment and prospecting, offering and selling houses is more complicated for real estate agents.

I’m giving ideas for keeping up with real estate for both buyers and sellers during a lockdown. Please share it with your realtor friends.

Bonus: you could also involve your team or your management assistant (executive assistant) in the learning process of paid traffic and generate new prospects (and dozens of customers) on a daily basis in social networks. By providing them with social media training, not only will they be able to implement your digital strategy, but you will empower them to become online rockstars – on behalf of your company.

If you know you want to “buy customers” through an effective advertising strategy, but have no idea where to start, we need to talk. Send me a private message at

Now it’s your turn! What is your number one challenge right now with your online presence? Please tell us in the comments.


If you don’t know me yet, I’m Angélique Binet. I run Social Media Love. I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with Facebook, Instagram and other ad platforms (paid traffic). Note: The following applies not only to orthodontists but to all medical, paramedical, professional and legal professions as well as to human resources consultants. Now it’s your turn? What’s your number one challenge right now with growing your audience online? Let us know in the comments.

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