How To Promote Your Blog, Podcast and Videos on Social Media

This is simple. This is the foundation. This is your signature content. THis is where you deliver your message, showcase your expertise and promote your expertise to the market place.

Then you start building the magnetic audience that will flock to your business. 

Your core content helps you share your voice, nail your message and attract your audience, right where they are.

This is why your core content is fundamental – and can’t just seat there on e created. Promote it! Show it to me!

This is how you start gathering a real presence. But you got to keep visible. You keep showing up. You keep marketing.

As always, for each new tutorial I do for you, I provide a new resource that helps you implement what you learn. So grab your free checklist below.

I want to grow my audience…

That’s my students’ #1 challenge.

Challenge #2 – How do I make sure that my ideal customer CONSUMES my content?

Writing a blog or create a video or a podcast
may take several hours

Then you publish it and post it on social media to tell them it’s out.

then… nothing…

You move on.

Imagine if you could give several lives to the signature content you create every week…

If you could talk about it for months…

In this video, that’s exactly what I’m proposing.

No more… working for nothing!

Where does your Signature content live?

Do you have a core platform where you showcase your expertise? I would say this is the question #1.

So often I see entrepreneurs publishing amazing content – text, audio, video – everywhere without leveraging the power of ONE.

When you have ONE platform that is your core content provider, it allows you to use your other social media platforms to promote that core content – also known as Signature Content.

So what platform is the most reflective of your work?

For me it’s my my YouTube channel. This is where I build weekly content for people like you to find me, download free resources and enter my marketing eco-sytem.

What’s yours?

In the meantime, ask me any questions that comes up while consuming this content.

Want to learn more?

With these pieces of advice, you will be promoting your signature content to your social media channels with actually turning it into ever green content you can schedule way in advance, year after year. GRAB your FREE guide, 10 Ideas To Promote Your Signature Content >> HERE <<

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