The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ads For Female Entrepreneurs

Tired Of Spinning Your Wheels On Facebook Ads?

The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ads For Female Entrepreneurs Can Help You Build  Facebook Ads In Today’s Market…STOP Wasting Time On Social Media And START Getting More Traffic And Sales…For FREE!

I’m a mum, a full-time strategist, and the owner of Social Media Love. I get up at 5 am and have no time to spare on guessing this or that.

I decided to compile for you the proven step-by-step guide on how I build ad campaigns for the organizations and clients I work with.

In the last decade, I have spearheaded million-dollar social media marketing campaigns that have contributed millions in revenue to my clients.

Are you feeling stuck?

Currently Feels  Stuck Or Is Looking For That ONE Ad That Could Secure Them The Next  Client Or Contract.

Female entrepreneurs want to leverage ads for their business but when it comes to figuring out who sees their ads and how much they will end up spending, this is when it becomes confusing and frustrating.

At the end of the day, it’s all about becoming more visible online, attracting new clients and growing an email list of potential clients, fill up webinar seats, buy low and high tickets…

Most of the time, the frustration comes from getting stuck between 2 major things: how to use the Facebook ad machine tools (there are so many) and how to decide who to target (you don’t want to attract the wrong people who will never buy from you)…

I’m here to tell you the TRUTH …

· WHAT CAUSES TO WASTE MONEY IN ADSOver the last almost 10 years of helping female entrepreneurs to grow their business, I’ve seen a pattern… the biggest mistake people do (even if they don’t mean to) is to skip that very first step of identifying the objective of the ad. What do they want the ad to do exactly?

· KEEPING UP WITH SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGES Running ads is totally feasible for any business owner but it requires to keep up with platform changes, learn about them, and commit to investing a monthly budget (even a small budget) into ads that don’t get shut down by FB

· ATTRACTING THE WRONG PEOPLE IS BRUTAL WHEN YOU’RE NEW TO FACEBOOK remember one of my very first Facebook campaigns, I was in those shoes. I attracted over 2000 new subscribers to my page and they were not my people – didn’t engage, didn’t buy, didn’t do anything…no matter how hard I tried.  $1,500 later I had to remove them from my Facebook business page – one by one – because they were penalizing my algorithm. 

There is a solution to everything

I wish someone would have given me all this when I first started as a social media strategist…

Understanding the ad machine, getting to learn from the top marketers of the world, and sharing my expertise with you…
This is my mission…I want to help you to get a process around your ads and show you how to set up your ad machine… so that you don’t feel stuck anymore. 
I know you want to have more impact on the world!

A quick story for you

There I was, a new mum who just lost her full-time job trying to build a business online.
The thing is, at the time I didn’t know anything about marketing and social media…I didn’t know what to say, what to post, and even less how to use ads.

The big problem was that I totally underestimated the importance of attracting new people to my business until I had to apply for a loan. In the application, they were asking for how I would use social media marketing to grow my business – I had no idea. 

That meant if I didn’t get my social media marketing figured out, I was on the verge of losing a chance to access funds, which means bye to build a new stream of revenue for my family.
So I was back to square one…another huge thing to learn in my business – but where to start – Facebook ads can be so confusing and scary.

Something amazing happened

I ran into a friend who told me there was a job opening in a large public organization waiting for me… She said that would be perfect for me to learn how to master social media!!!  

So I applied and even though I didn’t know much about Facebook ads and social media marketing in general, I started that job and fell in love with it… creating social media posts, turning them into ads,  bringing traffic to websites, getting people to opt-in email lists became my JAM…
What about your business, Angélique?!!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me that 1) I loved my new job!!! and 2) I still wanted to have a business but I realized that I could use this social media expertise to help female entrepreneurs like me  …and offer them a solution. 

My plan was to start contacting everyone I knew to ask them if I could help them with their business and practice my new passion: Facebook ads but eventually I turned this fun activity into a business.

So I started creating coaching programs for female entrepreneurs and teach them how to run ads. 

But I didn’t stop there. finding the right people to talk to on social media and attracting the right clients to their business.

When they enter my Audience DNA Lab 10-Week Program, I can offer them a solution: co-create a solid foundation for their social media presence, then add the killer tactics on top of that so that they can optimize their advertising campaigns, and bring new potential clients to their email list each and every day – all this, while cultivating what female entrepreneurs need the most – a success mindset.

We spend a lot of time bringing clarity on how to position themselves on social media, research their ideal client, and how to talk to these people online, before setting up their first sales funnel

Bottom line: In the end, we’re able to help a dozen of female entrepreneurs per year to grow their email list, fill up their programs, book appointments and get the visibility they deserve, which means generate more cash.

Building on that success, I decided to create some tools for female entrepreneurs who are just beginning with Facebook ads.

The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ads for Female Entrepreneurs is one of them.

Your FREE Facebook Ads GUIDE

Grab YOUR free Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ads For Female Entrepreneurs to save yourself tons of time and guessing.

This free guide includes;
– How to build a campaign
– How to write an ad
– Where to start and,
– How to combat the stress of running ads

Swipe it now HERE

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