Going to the hairdresser: mandatory or not?

If you want to let your hair grow, you can avoid going to the hairdresser. I can’t guarantee the result. Your cut will not be really defined, your hair will stick out everywhere, and your hair will feel heavy and uncontrollable.

PS: I know what I’m talking about, my hair is three feet long. When I don’t invest in its health, I look like a matron, the ends are all dry and hello my face!!! …a helmet of heavy hair that doesn’t move anymore.

When I leave the hairdresser’s: the silky side comes back, my curls come out again and some people turn their head or even touch my hair…because my healthy hair is impressive (super long and multicoloured)… I am often asked if I dye it or if I’ll give it away as a wig! LOL

The same thing for your audiences. You can let them grow without doing anything. Publish this or that when you feel like it. Never use advertising serum. And get everyone and their grandmother to come along. Or anyone.

Think of Facebook and Instagram advertising as a vitamin and supplement to be taken regularly, and even more so between product, service or program launches.

It’s the content you publish regularly that will give you the chance to build audiences ready to receive your call to action for the sale, when it’s time – and only when it’s time.

So if you don’t publish anything in between your sales campaigns, it will be difficult and very expensive to find buyers.

In the Audience DNA Lab that my clients take with me, we do just that – we build the right conversation with the right people – and then we season it with advertising vinaigrette by testing the audiences.

At first you don’t have to invest thousands…but enough to test if you’re talking to the right people.


Then when you know you’re building THE right audience, you go the extra mile. You make sure that you sell your products or programs with prices high enough to make sure you have a margin for advertising…because when the mayo takes…you can’t let go.

If you’re ready to set up an advertising content system that allows you to stay in touch with your growing audience, while making sure that the right people are attracted to you and your business, then my training Where to start with social media ads…without spending a fortune is for you.

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