Train your Facebook community

I’ve been reading and watching so many advice on how we have to change the way we do Facebook since the announced major changes to the News Feed that are designed to bring people closer together.

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In most of them, I can see there is a common point. We’ll need to educate our fans to interact with our page differently:

  • have them to use our Messenger Platform more
  • comment longer comments under our Facebook posts
  • interact more with other Facebook profiles when commenting under our post
  • have them live with us when we do a live video
  • have them to add our page as a See First

And for us as a marketer, small or big, we’ll have to crank up our way of mastering Facebook Ads, Facebook Live and Messenger Bots. And most of all, we’ll have to go back to the old engagement battle we’ve been talking for the last decade – but meaningful engagement.

Isn’t it exciting! What’s your take on all these changes?



– Angélique

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I have nothing to say…on video

When you’re telling me this, I have a feeling that

  • you are scared to go live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTUbe – which I completely understand
  • you are underestimating the power of your knowledge and expertise
  • you think people gonna make fun of you
  • or maybe you’re scared they gonna discover how awesome you are
  • or…

There is no end to the list of excuses we can make in order to avoid stretching ourselves to the next level of our personal and business growth.

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Here’s what I tell my clients when I help them get into Facebook Live or Instagram Live: if you were to help at least ONE person on Earth because of what you know [and they don’t know yet] , how would it feel? When you focus on the help you can provide to that ONE individual, you will be surprised of the response you get. Maybe not on the day of your live video, but a few days later, or at the grocery store 3 weeks later with someone coming to you and say: I loved what you said the other day on Facebook, I now do what you said to do and it changed everything.

Because guess what….no matter where we are in our level of expertise, there are always people further than us and behind us. And you’re here to help the ones behind you and get mentored or trained by he ones in front of you.

It’s called The Line Of Learning. [I’ve just made it up ahahahah]

So go to your Facebook page, Instagram Story and talk about what you can do to help people in your field of interest. Make sure to tag me @socialmedialoveab on Facebook and Instagram. I want to watch you. You can do it! And you will be SO proud.


– Angélique

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