How To Set Up Facebook Live Crossposting

How To Set Up Facebook Live Crossposting

What I love about Live crossposting on Facebook is that you allow a Page to post your Live video broadcast without uploaded or sharing it directly. So you know, you can’t apply live crossposting to broadcasts originating from a mobile device.

Facebook Live Video and Video on demand (VOD)

When your Live is crossposted on another Facebook page “it is treated as a separate broadcast on each Page“. This means that each video (live or VOD) will get its own comments and reactions from each Page. In other words, viewers can’t see where the original Live broadcast is coming from. Pretty cool! VOD is when your video is not live anymore. 

If you’re more visual, you can watch the full video tutorial here:

If not, keep reading!

Crossposting relationship

Here’s what you have to do when you want to Live crosspost with another Page. Both need to establish a crossposting relationship with each other. That other Page will also be able to choose how your Page can crosspost their Live videos. “Creating a crossposting relationship covers both VOD (video on demand) and Live broadcasts.” –

Here’s how you do it. I will share with you the exact steps as Facebook tells us to:

To add establish a crossposting relationship:

  1. Go to Settings on your Page.
  2. Click Crossposting.
  3. Type the Page’s name or Facebook URL and select it from the list.
  4. Select an automatic Live crossposting relationship or a manual Live crossposting relationship.
    1. Choose Allow [Page name] to crosspost their live video to your page without further approval to select an automatic Live crossposting relationship.
    2. Choose Require [Page name] crossposted live videos to be approved by on of your admins or editors before being crossposted to your Page to select a manual Live crossposting relationship.
  1. Click Next.

The Page must confirm the relationship by adding your Page to its crossposting settings. To help the Page confirm the relationship, click   and send the confirmation link to an admin of the Page.

When a Page submits a crossposting request to another Page one of three scenarios can occur:

  1. The request is sent to the Page and remains as a Pending Crosspost Request until it’s accepted by the other Page.

  2. The request is automatically approved because you submitted the crosspost request and are also an admin of the crossposted Page.

  3. The request is automatically approved because the crossposting Page has sent your Page a request in the past.

Now your crossposting relationship has been established, you can actually manually share the video while live or after the live.

Recommendation: Manual Crossposting

Here’s how I do it.

While you’re live on your mobile device, go to your desktop to the actual live post. Then click on EDIT. Under Crossposting, you should see the name of the other Page you’ve just exchanged authorization.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.22.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.22.36 PM.png

Then it opens the back end of your video.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.22.53 PM.png

You’ll see the CROSSPOSTING FEATURE and the multiple pages with whom you have preauthorized relationship. You pick the Page you want to live crosspost with.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.23.05 PM.png


Now it’s your turn! Tell me how you will use Facebook Live Crossposting for your organization?


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5 thoughts on “How To Set Up Facebook Live Crossposting

  1. Angélique Binet says:

    Now it’s your turn! Tell me how you will use Facebook Live Crossposting for your organization?

  2. Liz Roberts says:

    When I go from my business page to settings>crossposting> i cannot add my name or the other admin to send the request to crosspost. Our personal pages do not generate in the search bar. Is it possible to crosspost from a personal page to a business page? Thank you!

    • Angélique Binet says:

      Hi Liz, you can’t crosspost with a personal page. It has to be from Biz Page to Biz Page. I hope this helps. – Angélique

    • Angélique Binet says:

      Hi Hannah! Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment. But there is a way around it. I use Streamyard to go Live on Facebook and YouTube This tool allows you to go live on your personal FB page as well. Does this help? Let me know.

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