3 Tips To Get Over Your Fear Of Live Video

Which part of social media marketing scares you the most?

You know you have the potential to build a million-dollar business but you’re just too scared and overwhelmed with the idea of going live on Facebook or Instagram, is this you?

The fear of being judged on social media

One of the first things I notice with my students in my free and paid community is the fear of being judged by competitors “They gonna think I know better“

Guess what!? You do… Not because of them but because you have a UNIQUE way to approach the main challenge your ideal client has. I believe in the unicorn-ness of the way you help your clients.

Worst-case scenario: your competitors are jealous that you have the guts to show up online and they criticize you.

Best case scenario: they see and feel the energy you generate online and they reach out to you to work in partnership. *hey! How cool is that?!

The fear of being criticized on social media

I also hear about the fear of going live on Facebook or Instagram “What if I don’t know what to say or someone criticize me in the comments“

Here again. People who criticize are people in scarcity mode. They don’t know what they don’t know. They wish they could be like you.

Worst-case scenario: nobody shows up when you go live because it’s like that at first. You preach to the universe until someone comes one day.

Best case scenario: someone pays attention but one of them could be negative. Personally, I don’t tolerate any discriminatory comments. That’s it

The fear of amplifying your visibility with Facebook

What?! You’re asking me to turn that camera on then ask Facebook to show this video to more people. How does feel? This when I hear stories.

Ads? They only work for people who have big budgets, a lot of people tell me at first.

Until you learn how it works, it’s a big unknown territory, and it’s scary. And it has a lot to do with your personal relationship with money.

Worst-case scenario: if you don’t have a solid social media foundation, your FB ads won’t work. If your social media is broken, ads won’t fix it. The good news is that it’s totally fixable if you choose to.

Best case scenario: you start small, you take the TIME to build content that makes ads work, you put your growth mindset on, you learn how it works, then you delegate to someone who’s an expert at it. This is what we do in The Audience DNA Lab 12-Week Program. DM me if you want to apply for it.

Now, tell me…Which one of these fears is yours?
A- Being judged by your competitors
B – Live Videos
C- FB Ads

3 Tips To Get Over Your Fear Of Live Video + Your Bonus

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– Angélique


 Who am I? I’m the Founder of Social Media Love. I am on a mission to spiral the number of women entrepreneurs around the globe, who generate over 6 figure per year in revenue, while sharing their message online. 

And the reason why it is my mission is because I firmly believe women leaders currently have a historical advantage to take control of their influence thanks to digital platforms where gender, skin colour and cultural heritage have no boundary AND generate wealth for their communities, family and the people they help. 

 I’m also a paid media strategist for a public tourism organization in Canada.

My background is in journalism. I was a print journalist in France, worked for Radio France International, Le Figaro and the Foreign Press Association, as well as a TV and Radio reporter at the CBC/Radio-Canada. Raised on a farm in France, I’m a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King’s College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

 I’m the creator of The Audience DNA Lab 12-Week Program | I help women leverage the power of Facebook ads to become VISIBLE & position their message to attract clients, PR opps & collabs with other badass women leaders.

 I’m also the host the Social Media Love YOUTUBE channels and the Social Media Love Podcast « The Real Story Behind Her Business ».

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