Is this true? Social Media doesn’t work for you

How often did you hear this in the back of your head ?

Social media doesn’t get me anything?

Facebook ads are just a way to get my money.

This takes too much time for nothing much.

And you may also say this about any other tools or habits you’re trying to put in place.

I run, I walk and do this and that…and my body doesn’t change.

And then we stop going to the gym or take 30 min of our day to move our body.

We all do this…mas o menos!

Because we’re human.

All of us tend to do this when we’re learning new stuff.

It’s definitely HARD!

Once you’re aware of it, you won half the battle.
You just need to recommit to your dream.
And try again.

Are you with me? Let me know what it brings up for you in the comments.

PS: now, you can totally not use social media if you don’t want to.

But check out with yourself that you don’t do it for the right reason.

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