Sales Funnel: Myth or Reality?

Are you exhausted because you want a steady income to build your 6-figure business, but you’re still spinning the wheel?

You spend hours on your phone feeling guilty about missing family meals or time with your kids?

There are strategies that have been working for decades and that you see in all forms in social networks.


  • people don’t know you at all
  • they find you because your content appeared at the right time and place (no magic in it because you’ve done your research on your ideal client)
  • you give them what they want in the form of a freebie (PDF, free consultation, checklist, quizz, webinar, masterclass…) in short something that answers exactly what they are looking for at the moment and that you send them via email.
  • then you invite them to go further in their transformation via your courses, programs, products etc.
  • you may not know it but this is a sales funnel…and the beauty of it is that you can automate it without having to send private messages manually…


💪🏼 You can do this!
Some people call this a sales funnel.

I call this the bloodstream to your heart.
It carries the oxygen you need to generate cash in an automated way.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.
But it will require time to set up.

You’ll need to know who your ideal client is.
What do they want and how what they want
will lead them to what they really need.

What they really need is YOU, your programs, services or products.
But first you got to go fishing…in the right pool.

I have a freebie for you to help you figure out,
what your audience wants, feels and does
as they’re looking for a transformation of some kind
in their professional or personal life.


How to identify your ideal audience? This tool puts you on the right track. It’s all yours. Click on the image to download it.

  • Tips & Recommendations to identify your ideal client.
  • Different categories to make you feel confident about talking to the right audience.
  • A concrete example that you can copy and modify for your business.

Are you getting what I’m saying? Let me know.

Grab the link in the bio or in the comments
and start the work


re-do the work if your current funnel is not
where you want it to be.

Here to help you!
– Angélique

Who’s Angélique Binet

🙋🏻‍♀️ Who am I? I’m the Founder of Social Media Love. I am on a mission to spiral the number of women entrepreneurs around the globe, who generate over 6 figure per year in revenue, while sharing their message online. 

💕And the reason why it is my mission is because I firmly believe women leaders currently have a historical advantage to take control of their influence thanks to digital platforms where gender, skin colour and cultural heritage have no boundary AND generate wealth for their communities, family and the people they help. 

📲 I’m also a paid media strategist for a public tourism organization in Canada.

📺 My background is in journalism. I was a print journalist in France, worked for Radio France International, Le Figaro and the Foreign Press Association, as well as a TV and Radio reporter at the CBC/Radio-Canada. 

🐔Raised on a farm in France, I’m a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King’s College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

💻 I’m the creator of The Audience DNA Lab 12-Week Program | I help women leverage the power of Facebook ads to become VISIBLE & position their message to attract clients, PR opps & collabs with other badass women leaders.

🎬 I’m also the host the Social Media Love YOUTUBE channels and the Social Media Love Podcast 🎙« The Real Story Behind Her Business ».

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