How To Start A Facebook Page Live Video

Why Facebook Live videos

Facebook says that Facebook videos drive more engagement than standard video content – and up to 10 times more comments because of the real time dimension between users. 

Live streaming on Facebook was a feature first introduced back in 2015, initially only for public figures. Facebook video streaming is a thing as well in the whole Facebook family with Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

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7 Reasons why should you bother with Facebook live broadcast?

  • It provides unique content of you and your business
  • It doesn’t cost much unless you get to invest in a higher version of camera (but you don’t have to when you start, your phone is your best friend)
  • It doesn’t cost a thing plus you’re so vulnerable that it makes it even more exciting to watch your video
  • It allows you direct connection with your audience – you can see their questions and answer them live
  • It’s awesome for events as it brings bigger awareness on what you do
  • It’s a great way to attract people to your Facebook page as more people see your live videos
  • It allows your video to live longer because people what the replay

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DOWNLOAD my cheat sheet “8 Ways To Go Live More Often“ 


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