What Is Content Marketing ?

Wondering what people mean when they talk about content marketing for business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches?

Type YES in the comments if you see what I mean!

In this article and video, we’re going to demystify content marketing and talk about how you can get more visible and recognized online when you focus on the simple stuff…even if you have a small audience.

If you like what you hear during this tutorial and you want to go deeper, you might like to book a call with me for a free consult. I will put the link at the end of the article or in the comments.

So when it comes to building a brand on social media, we all need content marketing but the thing that stops people from doing it is this monstrous question: what is content marketing? It’s such an overused term.

I got the question actually in my Facebook group no later than last week: Angélique, what is content marketing?

Imagine a store like Home Depot or Canadian tire…where all is free!

You can get a sample of all the tools you need for your kitchen, for your garden, for your leisure any time they’re available. There is a department per area of your personal or professional like you’d like to work on.

Then, once you figure out what tools served you the best, the store provides you with enhanced tools and coaching on how to use the tools at their full potential.

You have to pay for this. People love it because they can not only improve their life with enhanced tools but they get coaching and a community of like-minded people around them.

This is content marketing. My point is: what you put out there on social media is content marketing and it probably includes a photo, a video and a text.

And all of it is about helping you future buyers, even if you have no idea who they are yet.

Week after week, you help that person with your content for free.

Are you one of those (like me) who go to where there is a free sample to taste in a store?

It’s the same on social media or on your blog or podcast.

And yes, social media ads can help you amplify the reach of your content, big time.

But before ads, you got to show up with content that helps your audience.

This means you need to know what they’re looking for, which is not always easy. People are struggling with figuring out whom to talk to, what to say and how to say it.

It’s normal. But here’s the thing: when you show up consistently, you can figure out what posts (image, video or copy) performed the best in terms of engagement (likes, comments, shares, views, download)

This is not a sign of the universe!

Also, pay attention to people’s s comments or questions on social media – they probably say what their challenges are.

By the way, here’s a tip I use in Facebook groups where I hang out with my potential buyers.

I go to the search bar in the Facebook group and I type: challenge or frustration or problem…This aggregates comments that people may have written about a specific problem they have.

BAM! You can create content about it and post it on your own platforms!

Are you still with me?

If this makes sense to you and you know that everybody and their dog are on social media in this world, maybe you want to give it a shot and contact me for a discussion.

You can book a free consult with here. You can talk to me about what you’re trying to accomplish with your business on social media and I will tell you if any of my programs could help you or not.

So to wrap it up, commit to show up on social media almost every day with some helpful content for your future buyers and distribute it everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. 

All you need is an image or a video or a text…or all of them. Don’t over complicate things. Just help them!

If you have any questions, let me know!

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