3-steps to make online advertising work for you during the lockdown

Are you wondering how you could use this unique times to not only take care of yourself but also be ready for when we get outside of this tunnel.

Who else wants to be ready to jump back full steam when time comes?

I totally get it. We can choose to freak out or not. I’m the first one in this category and I train my mind every morning with my Calm App for meditation and gratitude.

We all have bills to pay, some of you have employees to let go, and other tough decisions…but your audience is still there.

People are online and eager to hear from a community they trust, and it’s why it is a good time to start a dialogue about sharing factual, responsible and concrete information.

And more to this, a new audience is looking for you as we know, 35% of the overall Internet traffic has increase.

Tips on how to use organic traffic and paid traffic

I press the LIVE button every day on Facebook and Instagram to provide

  • simple
  • valuable
  • immediate

tutorials you can grab and implement now.

I share with you paid traffic tactics that I use with my clients when they need to boost their client acquisition and build with them fast and furious online assets.


Right now is the time to grow your audience, support new people who are just discovering your business, at a time when

  • ads are cheaper than ever,
  • Internet traffic is up: people at home are spending more time than ever across the Facebook family of apps (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp), Facebook and Instagram live are exploding…overall, the use of social apps in the world has increased by 44%.
  • you have more time than ever to amplify your content, build a relationship with your audience, warm your pixel and get new emails to the list (even if you don’t sell them anything right now)


All the audiences will be there when everything is back to normal, this is why it’s the time to show up online like you never did.

Of course, you will adapt your message so that it fits the new reality that your readers and viewers are facing right now.

MY invitation

If you’d like to talk to me through this situation, I would be happy to brainstorm with you how you and your business could position themselves right now on social media. Just send me an email at contact@socialmedialoveab.

PS: I forgot to tell you that I teach people how to create Facebook Messenger chatbots and do Facebook Messenger marketing in a fun and easy to follow way. If you want to learn about Chatbots 101 and how it can help your biz, let me know.

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