3 Creative Ways to Optimize Facebook Cover Photo and Cover Video for Business


How often do you change your Facebook cover? And if you do, what do you do with it? All most all my clients and also a lot of big names under estimate the power of Facebook Cover Image for Business. Consider it a piece of estate where you can promote so many things.

Here are my 3 Creative Ways to Optimize Facebook Cover Image for Business:


Consider your cover image like your door entrance… it has to be attractive and meaningfull. for this, you need an image or a graphic that represents your personality, or what you speciliaze (pizza, nail polish…or or an experience, or an event that you’re organizing. [IMAGE OF COVER IMAGES]

It must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

For this you can use amazing tools like Canva.com that provides you with perforated templates and amazing creative designs. [CANVA IMAGES]


So many times, pages don’t add a description to their cover image. Make sure you use this space to cross-promote other social media channels of [SHOW DESCRIPTION] yours by providing the direct url to them or by promoting your website or what ever you want to promote.


Don’t neglect this one. It is so important to use the call-to-action button on your cover image.Facebook provides 7 of them: [DEMO IT]

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Use App
  • Play game
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Watch video

All you need to do is to pick the right call to action for you. You can change it as often as you’d like.

From your cover image you can encourage people to call you, book an appointment, buy a product, reserve a ticket on and on…

Isn’t it cool?


Make sure to keep your Facebook page fresh and change your cover image at least once a month.

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