A few things for summer you can sprinkle on social media

Ready to stick your neck out on social media this summer?

A Sprinkle a Day on Social Media

If you have a phone, an i-pad, or any mobile device, bring it on! This will be your best friend all summer long. Use your camera. Snap a shot of all the things that make you feel these types of feeling: wow, cute, nice, yum! Then save these images on your phone. You will need them to illustrate your Facebook stories, Instagram stories, LinkedIn post, or any idea, thought, and advice you will be sharing each day on your social platform of choice.

Easy Breezy Stories

Figuring out what to post in stories doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you commit to show up for your audience. Don’t make it a hot mess! Grab one of these images you took in the last few days and ask your audience, where they are today with a Question sticker? Ask them how they feel, with a Poll sticker. Or just add a quote – you can make it up – or copy and paste from your Notes App (if you have a iPhone).

Hit it! Go LIVE on Facebook or Instagram

For all of you introverts, you don’t even have to show up on your Facebook live or Instagram live. Show us where you are. Maybe vacationing? Maybe working at growing your business online like a queen. Just go live once a week. You can just show us something. You can draw it too and we watch you drawing it. Then you can teach us how to make something – tangible or not. Then you can show your face and keep educating us.

Summer Lovin’: Calling All Backyard Lovers.

Head to the yard with a cold lemonade, a good book, and on the these cool sunglasses. Maybe your kids are in the swimming pool. What if you share the behind the scenes of your home life. No need to tell us the full story. Take a photo of this lemonade and tell us how it relates to your business or your mission. Then take a shot of this good book, and hit the Facebook live button to share your top 3 takeaways so far. Do uou see what I mean?!

Net Gains to Building an Online Audience

With stories, weekly live videos on Facebook or Instagram, and 3-5 posts a week about what you experience as a business owner with your clients, with your team, or with yourself as the CEO of your business, these little FREE tools might be the best thing to come for you as you’ve decided to stick your neck out on social media this summer. Secret: you won’t know this until you do it for at least 90 days. Start today!

Raising The Bar With Your Online Presence

A female-founded company has its own signature. Please hit us with it. We want to learn from you. Maybe you’re tired of playing small on social media, and your totally confused or inconsistence but there is one thing you know. You want to share your voice. You want to impact people’s life and make money out of it.

Let’s Spoon with Facebook Ads

Turn your best post of the week into a special engagement ad by testing the boost button (use this one only to experiment) with a few demographic and interest criteria that Facebook will suggest for you. I love when my clients get to grow their audience with video views or engagement ads because when it’s time to do a full ad campaign, this is usually less expensive and easier to target the right audience.

Hold everything or let go!

Ready to replace all this chaos with a simplified, repeatable, and doable process? You don’t have to do this alone.

If you’d like to talk to me through your situation, I would be happy to brainstorm with you how you and your business could position themselves right now on social media, pinpoint some strategies you could put in place, and we’ll also explore if my programs could worhk for you.

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