Canada Day 2020 – by an Immigrant Woman in Business

Are you into Canada Day celebrations?

As I’m seating at ER today waiting for discovering what’s going on with my beloved Canadian husband who’s having fever for the last week, I’m reflecting on what Canada Day means to me – the immigrant…mum, wife, entrepreneur in the making, employee

Yes, it’s Canada Day on July 1st.

Fireworks are cancelled in most places, but not in our hearts.

You know, when they ask you these security questions at the bank when you need to reset your password?

What job did you want to do when you were a child?

Back in France, where I grew up in the middle of the fields by a castle, I wanted to be a journalist to denounce all the injustices of the world.

I wanted to be an international mediator, to influence these state leaders, and talk to them so that they stop killing all their people in the name of craziness.

No kidding, I had their photos on my bedroom walls, each warlord face to face, and I talked to them frequently after watching the news.

I grew up with what we called peacekeepers… Canadian being prime at that role at the time.

I think I even met 20 of them on a beach somewhere in TelAviv. It was something.

In my head, Canada was the place I would go when I would be more mature, and wiser – I remember saying around 50 years old!!!

I wanted to be more mature to understand even better the First Nation communities I was dreaming about from my little apartment in Paris, above Le Père Lachaise. I was listening to all the documentaries I could at the time trying to figure out how Europeans did all of this… and why these nations are still paying the price of such a horrific injustice.

Enough of the children’s book stories… I wanted to go deeper, where it hurts.

Anyway, first I wanted to experience Algeria 🇩🇿 and Vietnam 🇻🇳!

Well, I’m 45. Landed in Canada a little earlier than planned. Took off after 8 years in Paris. Landed in Halifax in 99. And made all my dreams happen.

Live in nature. Become a journalist. Be more of me. Build a life in my own terms. Create a business (unidentified dream at the time 😃)

Some days I wonder if I feel prouder to be French or Canadian.

And then it gives me a yeeks feeling. I always hated people who said they were proud of their country, always hated flags. For me as a historian student & researcher, it always gets associated with wars, lies, exclusion, and populism.

In France, you may see a flag when it’s Soccer World Cup Day. That’s it. (Unless it has changed)

Living in Canada, flags are everywhere. I had to learn to be okay with it.

Canada is the place on this planet where I am becoming who I’m really supposed to become – it’s the land where many of my dreams happened all at once.

I became a TV reporter and a cameraWOMAN.

I got to meet and keep making First Nations friends and learn so much about what’s happening in this country

When I first build a carrier as a journalist in Canada, I interviewed hundreds of people including ministers, premiers, prime ministers, activists, female CEOs, artists, and other powerhouse women… I was behind the camera and holding the mic, asking questions, observing the power moves of these influential people.⁣

At the end of the day, whether you run a country, a community or a business, I know that each and every female entrepreneur and leader has this SAME inner power to use social media to share her transformative and impactful message. You just need to unlock it!⁣

Canada is the place where I’m building a legacy for my family and for women leaders.

I Help them Unleash Their Inner Rockstar Online & Leverage Paid Traffic To Grow Their Business On Social Media

I’m on a mission to spiral the number of women who want to share their message with millions online.

I believe that women currently have a historical advantage to take control of their influence thanks to digital platforms where gender equity and skin color has no boundary.⁣

Coming back to this question: do I feel prouder to be French or Canadian?

I have no answer. And I don’t think I need to answer this.

What I know is that I miss our family meals that can last 4 hours, the 80 types of goat cheeses you can find in any supermarket, and all my friends and dear family… and the on-going-questioning-things mindset.

In the name of life, I would say that I’m grateful to be able to experience this planet, no matter where I land on in the next decade.

And if you want to learn with me how to share your message online, please connect here and say hi on social media!

Take your phone, open your camera, place it in front of this QR code, and follow the notification that pops up on your screen. That easy!

What did your country of residence do for you in the last 25 years?

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