How to go live more often on Facebook and Instagram when you have little to no audience. 

If you have a ton of subscribers, it’s easier to create a conversation once you’re live. 

But what if you are new to live video on social media? 

What should you do?

Go live, even if you’re scared, baby boo. (I was scared too, and sometimes still am…)


Well, there is a checklist that will help you figure out the before, during and after of a Facebook Live or an Instagram Direct.

In this video, I describe how to prepare with Facebook live streaming.

These 3 Facebook live tips and this Facebook live stream tutorial will help you grow your brand and reach more people with your message.

Using Facebook live for business is a great way to get likes and increase your influence online.

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Who’s Angélique Binet

Angélique Binet is a social media marketing consultant and coach for women entrepreneurs & speakers, founder of Social Media Love, as well as a paid media strategist for the province of New Brunswick (Canada). She was a French newspaper journalist and Canadian TV reporter. Raised on a farm in France, Binet is a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King’s College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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