How Facebook Ads Help Business

How Facebook Ads Help Business

Are you struggling with figuring out how to use Facebook ads in a way that grow your visibility, attract new leads and generate more sales?

Are you a believer in advertising? 

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This is what I hear a lot from my clients. “You have to make me believe in it before I invest in ads.“ 

So when it comes to promoting their products and services, no one wants to be throwing money at ads that don’t work. 

And I get it. People are worried about getting a $500 invoice from Facebook at the end of the month even if they didn’t get any results

Most small business owners I meet say Facebook ads miss their targets and they’re frustrated because they know that Facebook ads work for the rest of the world. 

Here’s one big fat truth .

No one can make ads work at first. You gotta test, test and test…but there is a strategy behind it. It requires a mindset, small budget and a lot of grit. 

I’m going to show you the most common reasons how Facebook ads help a business when done right. 

I’ll share an interesting story about this in just a minute, but before make sure you book a 30-MIN FB ADS EPIPHANY CONVERSATION with me to debrief how your business could benefit from ads.

You’ll walk away with a clear vision of the new possibilities for your business. 

You can get started by simply booking your session here and no pressure call to explore if we are a good fit here.  


Facebook is a marketing channel that you can’t afford to overlook with 2.6 billion monthly active users – this social media  advertising platform is somewhat or very effective

Especially if you start with a smaller budget, it will be key to start building your audience by injecting fertilizer in your posts. But not any post. I love to use engagement posts like quotes, conversations, or educational videos to help you build an army of interested people that become your WARM audience. 

𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞, I have spearheaded millions of dollar social media campaigns that have contributed to hundreds of millions in annual revenues for a public organization.⁣

Guess what!? Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, you start with your fertilizer… You give value to your people, the one who doesn’t know you yet! 

And if you’re wondering what to share on social media, I will recommend you to pay a visit to this blog article of mine.

Imagine this! You sit on your balcony or on your front steps. Suddenly a couple and their dog pass by. You wave at them! 

The next day, the same situation, but the lady says nice flowers as she noticed your rose bushes. You thank her for the compliment. 

The next day, they might actually stop on the side of the street for a wee chat about the weather and how it affects their mood. 

Indeed, the next day they pass in front of you and suddenly a rain shower starts. You run to them and give them an umbrella. 

The next day, they come back, thank you for the umbrella, and want to learn more about you and what you do…

This is when they discover you’re a home decor expert!

Bam! They want to come to your next open house or next online event where you gonna show them how to decor your bedroom like a pro. 

See what I mean?!

Ads do that work for you online!

Your job is to create content that fits that purpose. 

Then what?!

Here are 3 types of Facebook ads campaign objectives I like to use in this phase. 

Now the question is: what type of content should I create to run my fertilizer ads?

No sweat!

If you want to get access to social media content ideas that help with conversation, video views and any types of engagement, please grab this bonus I have for you here.

Make sure you water your garden at least one a week. To make sure you plan ahead, I have a basic weekly calendar that could save you time. Grab it here.

Takeaway: at the very minimum, identify your best post of the week and transform it into an engagement ad at $3-5 a day for 7 days. 

Then what?!


The real reason WHY Facebook Ads help businesses is because of the tools that allow you to retarget all the people who’ve been watching your videos, interacting with your Facebook & Instagram content (Paid and Free) as well as all the people who are browsing your website or opting-in to your email. 

That’s it!

We call these babies…your warm audiences…and they’re the ones you want to send them your offers, your sales, your promotions, your monetary transactions…

You will hear that these types of ads are typically called

  • custom audiences
  • lookalike audiences

They have a full section in your Business Manager. Tap on each photo and read what each audience is about.

Now you understand how Facebook ads help businesses get more visible in front of new audiences, attract new prospects, and get more sales. 

I want you to book a 30 min FB ADS EPIPHANY CONVERSATION with me to debrief how your business could benefit from ads.

You’ll walk away with a clear vision of the new possibilities for your business. 

You can get started by simply booking your session here and no pressure call to explore if we are a good fit here.  

One condition though: don’t ask me to make you believe. Do the work for yourself, then observe what works…modify, optimize and keep going. 

And if you need a guide, I can be your guide. 

Each Tuesday, I post a new video training and free resources on my blog.

Once a week I do a live video training on my Facebook page so make sure you connect here

Now, show up for yourself and for your community…you totally can do this.

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