Believe beyond the now

People like us thrive for extraordinary things.

When I lived in Paris, I used to read all the newspapers of the world (it was my paper newsfeed)…I was living the news, the conflict, the research, the art…everything…I was always winning at Trivial Pursuit, by the way!

But I was also getting mad at the world…how could we ruin so many beautiful things and people. I have a very physical reaction to the news…no surprise I became a journalist when I started my career.

I loved it…the touch of paper…the sound of turning a page…and that warm coffee in my hand…Le Monde, Les échos, Courrier International, The New York Times…right there in my tiny flat by Le Père Lachaise.

I used to love going to the kiosk outside of the subway (yes, these little newspaper kiosks à la Robert Doisneau — typical of the streets of Paris.)

But I was also very SAD news aware…and it brought a shadow on how I would build my life.

Forward 25 years… Social Media took over the news.

From the outside, social media make us see life as fast, amplified, and one layered…and that’s cool.

But I know this…and I learned it recently, life is slow…

Building good things that feel good and generate fulfillment, a sense of control, and literal cash is a slow process.

Building an audience on social media, from the inside, is slow too. You got to be determined.

This is why so many of us successful and go-getter women sometimes feel that our batteries need to be recharged.

But if you’re like me, you always look for your charger and your cord…when it’s time to charge your phone…or your soul.

Where is your charging station?

Guess what!? I hope you’d agree that if we start today making sure there is a charger in every corner of the house, we may not have to look for it anymore.

What I mean here is this: protect your inner self so that it can keep growing…no matter what happens in the world (on your phone…and in the street).

Only do the things you have to do on social media, then let it be until the next 24 hours…don’t look for things that deplete your energy while scrolling on all the news, amplified life of influencers, etc. 10 times a day.

Stop checking who likes it…social media is a MARKETING too for your business where you get the privilege to connect with like-minded people and share your stories, as well as keeping in touch with the world in real-time (I mean the news that you carefully curate).

However, the rest is noise…it’s too much.

Moreover, It’s one thing to read or watch something that is bad news (we have to know what’s going on…of course…and make our own analysis about it) but if you see the same bad thing 300 times in a day, the effect on our brain is massive.

In conclusion, if you do decide to go for less is more, make sure you shape your newsfeed in a way that feels good to you…so that you don’t deplete your batteries on an hourly basis.

You can do this.

Remember you’re a believer and you got to move slowly but decisively.


Janvier 11, 2021

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