Videos Ads on Facebook: Do They Work?

Hey! Are you wondering which metrics you should be paying attention to when you run video ads?

The main thing to focus on is: does my ad works and how do I know it does?

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Ok! Let’s get rolling.

So when it comes to measuring your video ads’ results we all need to see that people are actually watching our content but a huge question that holds people back is: how going through the pain and stress of filming a video for people to watch on social can bring me money?

And I get it often. People are worried about filming video; they’re not sure what to say, and not sure if people gonna watch them without making fun of them. It totally makes sense.

But here’s the point: Consider your social media videos as a constant running test to help you figure out who likes to watch what.

Basically, it’s like displaying a buffet in front of your audience, and the bowls that get empty faster is the food people like the best. —…and they want more of it…

One of my students used that technique to figure out how to build her local audience. She ran a bunch of 1-min videos about topics she knew people had challenges with and then ran ads with these videos.

The videos that got the most completion views – between 50% up to 100% were the topics she had to talk more about to bring the attention of new leads to her business.

And I bet… it’s the same for you. —So grab 5 pain points your clients have right now and shoot a 1-min video on your phone about this topic. Give them the 3 steps to overcome X, Y, Z challenges in their life.

Then run video ads…and see what sticks! -So now you know how to use videos to test your market and grow your audience, you may be wondering how do I do this for my business.

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