How to get all the clients you want…even if they haven’t heard of you.

Here’s How To Get All The Clients You Want…even during a pandemic.

When I was a TV reporter, women leaders would beg me to talk to my camera…they wanted VISIBILITY. Well, today the game has changed. (It’s way easier. You got all the power you need to be heard.)

Most women leaders and founders are great at getting people results but have a hard time getting clients easily online.

Here’s a great approach to having clients come to YOU…ready to sign up.

First, only focus on people who know what you do, how much you charge and have jumped into your offers before.

So, if you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking, “OK-great…BUT HOW DO YOU DO THAT”

I asked myself the same question when I try to reach new people online as a social media consultant and coach or for my clients.

I always run the same experiment and within 30 days or sometimes like last week with one of my clients – in 3 days – I build waiting lists because clients are coming in more than needed.

I outline exactly how I do it in my next free class, but I’ll give an overview here: (see the full article in the comments.)

Step 1: Identify your fave client. A fave client is someone who could get amazing results for – quickly.

The reason you want to know who this “client avatar“ is is that there are the prospects that are typically easiest to sell.

Step 2 – Focus ONLY on the recurrent challenges people come to you for.

If you build social media marketing content that addresses primarily your favourite clients’ challenges and pain, chances are you won’t have to chase people a million times.

When you do your Facebook live or Instagram directs, if you ONLY talk to clients that are to get HUGE results for quickly, you can then use ads that will show this content to more of these people on the planet.

How? Simple. Follow…

Step 3: Give them a weekly get together opportunity. Give your fave audience value-based content (content that helps like what I’m typing for you right now 😉) every week whether you do it live, or recorded on a video or a podcast.

Serve them with your best content and coated with ads that specifically target people who have similar interests, behaviours and demographics than your fave clients.

Step 4: nourish your audience with on-going ads. This is what I call the attraction machine to generate omnipresent visibility.

If you’ve shown up already regularly, it’s typically a pretty simple process.

I’ve used this framework with all my clients – small business and big organization and you can see what it is in my free class.

Here are some things you’ll learn:

– what types of ads can promote your business on social media

– what types of budget you can expect to play with when you start

– what lead ads are about – when you bring people to your email list

This class is only 45 min but it’s PACKED with valuable content on every single slide. This is a limited time offer, so get registered now, here:

The beauty of this is you won’t need to beg me to go on TV…you’ll broadcast your own news from now on!


If you found this helpful, check out my class.

It’s all about getting clients FASTER…even if nobody’s ever heard of you.

If you found this post useful, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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