3 Ways To Generate Leads For Women Coaches & Consultants

Have you ever wondered what a lead is? Do you get confused when people ask you if you need more leads? Or have you ever wondered, how do we get leads and what is the easiest way for me to get leads? This is exactly those questions, I’m going to answer today with three types of activities. You can start right away to get more leads.

Before we get into the organic way to get leads, I want to make sure that before you start that exercise, you’re gonna put some time aside. Let’s say you commit 10 minutes a day, and you’re gonna put your intention before you start scrolling.

The intention is everything, even in marketing.

Visualize this: Yes, it is certainly possible to meet my next client on social media.

What is Social Media Love Roundtable For Women In Business?

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What Can I Expect?

I’ll facilitate a conversation that allows us to share what we do, who we serve and how we can support each other. 

This is not a sales pitch and there’s nothing you need to prepare. Come as you are, and I look forward to seeing you!

What is a Lead?

So let’s make it easy for you. First, what is a lead? So a lead is basically a person that could potentially become a client. It’s someone who gonna open your entrance door to get into your shop, whether you sell services programs, whether you’re a coach or a consultant.

When I say shop, it’s like your online, little house you have here, whether you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

So your lead is passing by walking on the street at Oh, so hey, and then that may be entering your door.

We’re going to talk about the organic lead, which is the lead that you are not paying Facebook for or LinkedIn or whatever platform you use on social media to try to gather a community of potential buyers.

So what is the organic way? I’m going to give you a few examples and you’ll pick and choose what you can start today.

1 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that serves so many purposes. You can also see past connections in the network, so it’s a great place to start getting leads.

LinkedIn allows you to search people by different filters, which makes it very useful when you are looking for targeting specific people in your niche such as hr consultants, design creators, artists, executive coaches and beyond. In the video this week, I give you a few examples of how to tackle this research for your business. Go watch.

2 – People Who Engage With Your Content

People who engage with your content are likely interested in your content, so it’s possible to get their into a conversation with them or even their contact information by following them on social media or inviting them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Leads can be generated based on engagement with certain types of content. For example, if someone has engaged with videos around wildlife conservation then they may also want to know about becoming a volunteer or donating money to an environmental conservation organization. Similarly, if someone follows you on Instagram only – that person may be interested in purchasing your products and becoming a part of your brand.

3 – Attraction Through Ads

Generating leads through ads is all about targeting the appropriate audience. The ultimate goal of lead generation is to drive traffic to your site, by targeting people with an interest in your product or service. You can do this by setting up Google or Facebook campaigns that target relevant keywords. If you want more information on how to make these campaigns work, let me know. I love Facebook lead ads right now.

You may have a product or service that is in high demand, but you’re struggling to find customers. Without customers, your programs are only that – programs. It only becomes effective when it helps other people.

I hope you find the strategies here useful for your business.



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Angélique Binet is a social media marketing consultant specialized in paid traffic and client acquisition for women entrepreneurs & speakers, founder of Social Media Love, as well as a paid media strategist for the province of New Brunswick (Canada). She was a French newspaper journalist and Canadian TV reporter. Raised on a farm in France, Binet is a graduate of La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King’s College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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