How To Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Wondering how Instagram stories work?

Do you want to use Instagram Stories more but you’re not sure how to make it work for your business?

Top 3 Tips Live

In this video I share my Top 3 Tips on how to use Instagram Stories like a Pro with one of my students on Facebook Live, including :

–  how to tag someone or a brand

– how to use geolocation tagging

– how to add hashtags

– and other tips and tricks

My goal is to help you be more visible while profiling in a very creative way your products, services and story with photos and videos that will just erase itself in 24 hours

Who’s in?


Whether you want to use Instagram Stories to get followers or you want to use it instead of Snapchat, this will help your IG account to grow and get more visible.

  • Engagement is important to the new algorithm that determines what people see in their Instagram feed. Because Instagram stories boost engagement with your Instagram posts, they improve your chances of showing up at the top of people’s news feeds. – Sue Zimmerman, Instagram Queen!


Download my video upload Social Media Content Ideas to make sure that you diversify the type of content you could use on Instagram Stories : 


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How To Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

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